Get that dog washed

Published 10:38 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Let’s face it. When Fido gets funky or Shep gets stinky, everybody in the household winds up pointing at one another and calling out, “Not it!” Nobody wants to be the one to take on the chore of washing the dog.

Especially for families with large dogs, outdoors time during the summer can be a blessing and a curse. If you wash the dog outside, there’s a very good chance he’ll be filthy again before you can get him back inside. And if you do it inside, you’ll probably have to clean the whole bathroom when you’re finished. With all the hair left in the bathtub, you might be able to build a whole new dog.

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Suffolk Animal Hospital has the answer this Saturday, and the beneficiaries will be not just those owners who get to watch someone else wash their dogs, but also the Suffolk Humane Society, which does lots of good work on behalf of animals all around the city.

“The funds will go to support our spay/neuter programs and humane education programs and any medical needs of dogs and cats we may have in foster,” said Rhonda Jones, vice president of the humane society board and director of events.

Last year was the first year of the fundraiser, said Megan Waltrip, manager of Suffolk Animal Hospital. About 25 dogs benefited from the service. Waltrip said the shampoo is donated by a vendor, and volunteers take care of washing and drying the dogs.

The suggested minimum donation for the dog wash is $10, and there will be a hot dog cart on site for those who wish to grab a bite to eat while their dogs are getting cleaned up.

The event is set for noon to 3 p.m. at Suffolk Animal Hospital, located at 1232 Holland Road.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Everybody, including Fido, will appreciate it.