A good deed done in turn

Published 9:06 pm Thursday, July 21, 2016

To the editor:

With all the negative news out there, I want to share a story about a young lady who really impressed me.

I am involved with a scholarship given to local high school students. After an email from one of these scholarship students expressing how much her scholarship had helped her, the program decided to offer her another one.

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To my amazement, she replied, “I am doing ok right now. Please give it to someone who could really use it like I did last year.”

I think her financial position is such that a scholarship still would be helpful, but she was willing to work or maybe go without some things to help another person.

Wow, that is a real testimony to her character and to who she is.

We asked her to work with Access College to help pick the next recipient of the scholarship. She and Access presented a very deserving young scholar who has now received the scholarship.

I am not at liberty to name names here, but wow, this was an impressive act of generosity. I think there are many more stories of people helping people that we never hear.

Bad news travel very fast but good news seldom gets out!

Harry Lee Cross III