County releases business survey

Published 10:27 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Isle of Wight County is looking for feedback from its business community.

The county’s economic development department sent out a survey earlier this week to assess the opinions of business owners about the county’s business climate.

“We want to know how to serve the business community as a whole,” said R.L. “Dick” Grice, a member of the county’s board of supervisors.

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In years past, the county has interacted with local businesses through workshops and training. However, Grice wanted to take it a step further by addressing the concerns of the entire business community.

Grice hopes to receive several surveys so the county is able to address the requests of all businesses and not a select few.

“We hope to get sufficient responses to improve customer service in the county,” he said.

Grice originally proposed the survey several months ago and suggested it be run through the county’s chamber of commerce. It will be the first ever business survey proposed by the county, according to Grice.

The Board of Supervisors directed the county’s economic development department to help construct the survey. The county’s information technology, planning and zoning, building inspections, engineering and public works departments also helped with the survey.

The 35-question survey asks business owners about various matters including possible impediments to growth, the types of businesses in the area, the business climate and employee qualifications, among others.

By doing so, the county hopes to address the concerns of business owners to “ensure better policy-making and program design to ensure economic growth,” said Amy Ring, assistant director of the county’s economic development department.

After Isle of Wight officials have had a chance to act on the concerns that are raised in the survey, Grice anticipates the county will send out another survey to business owners to see if the concerns have been resolved.

In the long run, Ring believes the survey will help both the county and business owners alike.

“We hope to create more employment opportunities for businesses and tax revenues for the county,” she said.

The survey is available on the county’s economic development website. The deadline for completion is Aug. 17.

For additional assistance or business inquiries, call 356-1962 or email