Land transfers for July 15-28

Published 7:20 pm Saturday, August 6, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

July 15-21

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Anointed and Blessed Home Health; 2131 Oregon Ave.; $24,000

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Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Wells Fargo Bank; 7684 Whaleyville Blvd.; $10

Robert Sperlazza to Nicholas J. Cipriano III; 116 Sleepy Point Way; $668,000

U.S. ROF III Legal Title Trust 2015-1 to Anita J. Nuckles; 2445 Carolina Road; $168,600

Stephen M. Young to Matthew Muhlenbeck; 6823 Ivanhoe Court; $281,000

Peter McGowan to Lee Kirk; 6705 Lake Cove Court; $266,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 327 S. Main St.; $150,510

Michael L. Gonzalez to Brian S. Lenk; 6515 Harbour Pointe Drive; $552,500

Jon Barry London to Troy L. Miller; 304 S. Broad St.; $252,000

Shequita Docken to David Peterson; 314 Saint Brie W.; $310,000

Kyle A. Arnold to Donta Sharpe; 5901 Brookwood Drive; $165,000

Kenneth M. Jackman Jr. to Joshua M. Zang; 6078 Mainsail Lane; $300,000

Kebco Enterprises LLC to Hampton Roads Builders Network; Clifton Street; $38,500

Jordan C. Webb to Joanna Laminack; 115 Longwood Ave.; $215,000

Adam C. Brennell to Randolph Crocker Sr.; 123 Riverwood Trace; $240,000

James E. Chamblee to James H. Durden Jr.; 2989 Carolina Road; $30,000

Brandon J. Kinney to Christopher Ferguson; 1177 C St.; $200,000

Amanda F. Woods to Courtney E. Griffin; 1714 River Creek Landing N.; $194,000

Charles A. Carter to Tony E. Walton Jr.; 410 Beamons Mill Trail; $174,900

Christopher A. Beavers to Ricky M. Kitchen; 4032 Brians Lane; $271,900

Thomas Holdings LLC to Douglas A. Wolkowich; 8205 Longvue Circle; $259,900

Sara Shipe to Jeffrey C. Purkey; 6910 Leyton Place; $336,000

Richard R. Strobel to 412 N. Main LLC; 412 N. Main St.; $320,700

Nancy W. Williams to Charles R. Chappell Jr.; 3900 Lake Point Road; $222,700

Brian J. Currie to William E. Geiger; 1504 Timber Trial; $300,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Khanh H. Phung; 5018 Breleigh Lane; $210,000

Lonnie Manual Massey to Donna M. Spruill; 832 Normandy Drive; $185,000

Meredith L. York to Jose A. Medina Jr.; 4019 Burr Oak Place; $221,000

John R. Ashe to Charlie W. Williams; 5108 N. Kemper Lakes Court; $429,100

Doris L. Futrell to Rhonda Hoggard Skinner; 424 Smith St.; $77,600

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to JD Assets LLC; 1940 Manning Road; $102,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Kirstyn Morris; 301 Military Road; $175,000

J.F. Schoch Building Corporation to Brian K. Hunter Sr.; 5355 Old Myrtle Road; $680,000

Sophie A. Norton to Kelly McCoy; 3601 Traverse Circle; $215,400

Birdsong Builders Inc. to Jason M. Wells; 3394 Village Square Place; $660,000

Cedar Homes LLC to Jesse J. Crawford; 129 Nottingham Blvd.; $233,000

Felton Milteer III to Jackson Q. Sailor; 1217 Wood Edge Circle; $186,000

Byron Michael Breeding to Larry A. Blanco; 5103 N. Kemper Lakes Court; $353,000

Holda Enterprises Inc. to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 5770 Hawk Lane; $34,000

Derick L. Williams to Cameron W. Casey; 109 Chenango Court; $230,000

Jeremy C. Dice to Dianne V. Benton; 5239 Whaleyville Blvd.; $304,500

Vineyards at Bennett’s Creek Square to James M. Hewitt IV; 848 Bennett’s Meadow Lane; $271,150

Michael C. Brinkley to Kim K. Fuller; 341 Benton Road; $77,000

John T. Hopkins to Dani Hailey; 152 Birch Lane; $186,000

Karen E. Kidd to Helen S. Speak 2800 S. Nansemond Drive; $180,000

International Investment Corporation to Alexander Stevens; 6028 Bradford Drive Unit A.; $79,900

Kirsten Wise to Marsha E. Jones, trustee; 100 Auburn Court; $202,000

Carl E. Eason Sr. to Kevin G. Quigley; 5216 Regatta Pointe Road; $650,000

Horton W. March to Bryan R. Martin; 6715 Quaker Drive; $200,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Estella V. Jones; 406 Hollywood Ave.; $46,500

Charles M. Kauwell to Joan Hicks; 3012 Stone Creek Drive; $250,000

General Farms and Lane Company to Andrew T. Peterson; 10875 Wyanoke Trail; $62,000

Roy Ortiz Toledo to Kimberly Ann Pregmon; 202 Lenox Court; $274,000

Lanee Alston to Jason D. Barrett; 133 Greenfield Crescent; $135,000

Tari Carrithers to R. Dale Munn Jr.; 123 Kristen Lane; $175,000

David M. Gibson to Karl B. Bolden Jr.; 1004 Boundary Drive; $276,100

Esppar LLC to Polk Pinewill LLC; 400 Linden Ave.; $110,300

Lerome Snaer to Kwaja G. Floyd; 2616 River Watch Drive; $10

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Kyle W. Barber; 1017 Raven Hill Road; $314,010

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to John Sartin; 107 Jaclyn Drive; $388,350

Taylor W. Blanks to Joseph Blake Gudger; 5045 Godwin Blvd.; $245,000

D&B Properties Inc. to Donald Lee Williams Sr.; 1446 Chancellor Court; $165,000

Ryan Williams to Raymont Henderson; 108 Graystone Trace; $249,900

Willie H. Rountree Jr. to Nicholas L. Zito; 6326 Whaleyville Blvd.; $137,900

Marsalis E. Proctor to Tiara D. Wiggins; 1206 Teton Circle; $156,000

Benjamin D. Hoagland to Kimlonte F. Morris Sr.; 5062 Kelso St.; $285,000

Roger Mumford II to Kirsten Creely; 1012 Cathedral Drive; $288,000

Wells Fargo Bank to J&M Real Estate Investments LLC; 219 Spruce St.; $62,700

Brett M. Dahlin to Paul Michael Moser; 3105 Stone Creek Drive; $265,000

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Cedar Homes LLC; 212 Duke St.; $127,500

Megan G. Moline to Robert C. Black; 130 Eagle Lane; $169,000

Bryan J. Happle to Mitchell M. Hensley; 2605 Robin Hood Trail; $71,800

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Ralph L. Howell Jr. LLC; 161 Church St.; $7,500

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Ralph L. Howell Jr. LLC; 202 Dumville Lane; $4,200

Scott A. Neprud to Douglas B. Hughson, trustee; 1512 Glen Haven Drive; $149,000

Cohen Homes LLC to Floyd M. Honeycutt; 5231 Rockport Landing; $785,017

NVR Inc. to David Thomas; 315 W. Constance Road No. 304; $201,390

Jason Kyll Barney to Stephen J. Simmons; 520 Kemp Landing; $165,500

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Suftech LLC; 400 Spruce St.; $3,800

Elena Tate to Nice Brothers Inc.; 127 Wellons St.; $65,000

Elena Tate to Nice Brothers Inc.; 424 S. Saratoga St.; $65,000

Elena Tate to Nice Brothers Inc.; 444 Wilson St.; $50,000

Geoffrey Cecil Reeves to Jessica Francine Harding; 3003 Wincanton Cove; $270,000

Aubrey Earl Rose to California Cartage Company LLC; 2633 Indian Trail; $150,000

Belleville Meadows Housing Company to Belleville Meadows LLC; 5609 Plummer Blvd.; $2,860,297.80

Norman Bradshaw Jr. to G&G Properties LLC; 204 Greenfield Crescent; $50,032

Pamela L. Fay to Christopher B. Smith; 6601 Leafwood Road; $138,000

Thomas A. Canterbury to Amanda K. Davenport; 1712 Colonial Ave.; $179,900

Kristi A. Dunlap to Michael L. Parker; 2301 Juniper Lane; $287,500