Police reports for Aug. 12-14

Published 9:12 pm Monday, August 15, 2016

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations. It should be noted that a criminal charge is only an accusation and does not indicate a conviction has or will be attained nor that the party listed in the arrest report is guilty of the crime listed.

August 12


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Petit larceny, Elderberry Road

Aggravated assault, Kilby Avenue

Simple assault, Carolina Road

Simple domestic assault, Stacey Drive

Natural death, Lee Street

Simple assault, Nancy Drive

Simple domestic assault, Nancy Drive

Destruction of property, Hardy Drive

Natural death, Custis Road

Undetermined death, Campbell Court

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Motor vehicle theft, Miles Avenue

Identity theft, Lee Street

Credit card/ATM fraud, Green Wing Drive

Vandalism of private property, Wellons Street

Wire fraud, Pughsville Road

Petit larceny, West Washington Street

Larceny – shoplifting, North Main Street

Fraud, Pebble Creek Court

Destruction of property, Linden Avenue

Hit and run, University Boulevard

Simple assault, Railroad Avenue

Destruction of property, West Constance Road

Animal bite, Respass Beach Road

Simple domestic assault, Babbtown Road

Possession of marijuana, Holland Road and Saint Anne Avenue

Recovered stolen auto, Old College Drive

Simple assault, East Washington Street

Possession of marijuana, Kings Point Drive and Robs Drive

Possession of marijuana, Portsmouth Boulevard


Deshawn Lamont Ricks, 23, manufacture, sale or possession of a controlled substance (F)

James K. Harrell, 37, keeping a dog over six months without a city license (M)

Devante Elijha Chamblee, 24, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Kenneth Emmanuel Judkins, 55, driving after forfeiture of license (M)

Lashawn Levell King, 25, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

John Wesley Rice, 26, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

Chantel Maurean Bivins, 24, simple assault and battery (M)

William Ralph Burton, 39, contempt of court (M)

Shanika Shate Lawrence, 26, assault or battery by mob (M)

Gerald Becker, 26, possession of marijuana (M)

Shana Leigh Scribner, 28, unauthorized use of an auto (M)

McHale Lwanya Goodman, 21, possession of marijuana (M)

Dequyola Shardae Deering, 18, simple assault and battery (M)

Shanika Shate Lawrence, 26, simple assault and battery (M)

Shatier Shalee Lawrence, 24, common law trespass (M)

Christina Capri Mabry, 20, simple assault and battery (M)

Ricky Eugene Johnson, 40, possession of marijuana (M)

Ursula Yolanda Chamblee, 38, assault and battery (M)

Reshad Montae Savage, 31, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

August 13


Petit larceny, Holland Road

City report of property damage, Market Street

Possession of marijuana, Southwest Suffolk Bypass and Turlington Road

Simple domestic assault, Chisholm Lane

Undetermined death, Sleepy Hole Road

Theft from a motor vehicle, Hampton Roads Parkway

Vandalism of private property, North Lloyd Street

Larceny – third offense, College Drive

Larceny – third offense, College Drive

Possession of heroin, Pinner Street

Vandalism of private property, Brook Avenue

Destruction of property, South Broad Street

Child endangerment, Hall Avenue

Possession of marijuana, Davis Boulevard and Cogic Square

Possession of marijuana, Wellons Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, North Main Street

Larceny – shoplifting, North Main Street

Tampering with a vehicle, Rabey Farm Road

Obstructing justice, West Washington Street and Brewer Avenue

Vandalism of private property, Bradford Drive

Breaking and entering into a residence, Birdie Drive

Hit and run, Godwin Boulevard

Simple domestic assault, University Boulevard


Jacob Connor McCoury, 20, possession of marijuana (M)

Jason Omar Byrd, 32, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Travon Van Harvey, 23, public intoxication (M)

Sacile Bianca Tanner, 24, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Ralph Joseph Siderchuck, 24, concealment, price alter of merchandise valued at $200 or more (F)

Keith Albert Whitehead, 25, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

J-Quan Kwsee Johnson, 25, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Raivon Lashaun Artis, 31, possession of marijuana (M)

Donatarius Leshay Boone, 26, misdemeanor obstructing justice (M)

August 14


Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Cedar Street

Simple assault, Portsmouth Boulevard

Possession of marijuana, Lee Hall Avenue and Cushing Street

Possess or use a firearm while intoxicated, Pughsville Road

Threatening phone calls, Whaleyville Boulevard

Vandalism of private property, Fallawater Way

Hit and run, Litton Lane

Hit and run with property damage, Holland Road and Raleigh Drive

Theft from a motor vehicle, East Washington Street

Tampering with a vehicle, Elm Tree Court

Tampering with a vehicle, Elm Tree Court

Theft from a motor vehicle, Elm Tree Court

Destruction of property Davis Boulevard

Theft from a motor vehicle, Elm Tree Court

Motor vehicle theft, Cole Avenue

Petit larceny, North Main Street

Lost or stolen property, Carolina Road

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Lost or stolen property, Hampton Roads Parkway

Grand larceny, Pruden Boulevard

Simple domestic assault, Old College Drive

Larceny – shoplifting, College Drive

Armed robbery, Wellons Street

Missing person, Sweetbriar Lane

Simple domestic assault, Kissimmee Avenue


Marquashae Shavone Kenny, 20, contempt of court (M)

Nichole Aubrey Edwards, 31, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Brandon Shane Mitchell, 24, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Ryan Reed Larwa, 26, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

M – Misdemeanor

F – Felony