Campaigns raising cash

Published 8:09 pm Saturday, August 20, 2016

As summer begins to wrap up, candidates up for local election this year are beginning to raise and spend a little bit more in preparation for the Nov. 8 election.

By far the richest candidate in the race, by campaign committee numbers at least, is the incumbent mayor, Linda T. Johnson. She faces four challengers but is far outpacing them in fundraising.

Johnson had more than $20,000 on hand at the end of the June reporting period, more than four times as much as her challengers combined.

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Her donors include three former members of City Council — Charles Brown, Jeff Gardy and Rob Barclay.

They also include several prominent businessmen, including LeOtis Williams, whom she recently supported for his unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination for the 77th District House of Delegates seat.

Another contest made interesting by the fundraising is the race for the Sleepy Hole Borough seat. It’s a rematch of four years ago, when Roger Fawcett and Raymond Batton III contested an open seat, except Fawcett is now the incumbent.

Fawcett had more than $8,000 on hand at the end of June, even after spending thousands on newspaper advertisements and vehicle signs and decals.

Batton, meanwhile, had nearly $2,000 on hand but had not raised any money. The $2,000 loan came from himself, and he hasn’t spent much money to speak of.

The next report is due Sept. 15 and covers activity from July 1 to Aug. 31.

All numbers have been rounded to the nearest dollar. This story covers all campaign finance reports this year through June 30.



Brian Bass

Itemized contributions

Samuel Bass, $500

Robert Gillette, $200

Un-itemized cash contributions — $250

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $950


Kerry Holmes

Itemized contributions

Kimberly Holmes, $500

J. Sauerbier, $500

Brice Tarek, $1,000

Un-itemized cash contributions — $1,625

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $3,625


Linda T. Johnson

Itemized contributions

Sidney E. Christian, $2,500

R&J Motel Management Inc., $1,000

A-one Properties LLC, $250

Automotive Specialty of Suffolk, $200

Nishidh and Aarti Barot, $250

Charles F. Brown, $200

William L. Chorey, $200

Kelle C. Foster, $200

Jeff and Toni Gardy, $200

S. Earl Griffin, $500

Hearndon Construction Corp., $500

Barbara Kayes, $200

Land Planning Solutions LC, $200

Robert and Teresa Mullins, $200

Reed Integration Inc., $400

J. Van Rose, $200

TerryPeterson Residential Co. LLC, $400

Tidewater Fibre Corp., $200

Clay K. White Sr., $200

LeOtis L. Williams, $1,000

ADS Management Group, $300

Robert C. Barclay IV, $250

Dina and Markesh Barot, $250

Douglas and Linda Berek, $200

Ronald and Martha Gould, $200

Ralph Howell Jr. LLC, $200

Phillip C. Johnson, $200

N and N Land Company LLC, $1,000

Virginia Intermodal Transportation, $1,000

In-kind contributions

Jesse J. Johnson Jr., $750 for beverages, desserts, permit, invitations and other fundraiser costs

Little Country band, $2,500 for entertainment

Un-itemized cash contributions — $6,075


Peter Dominique Soter, sound for band for fundraiser, $300

Currituck BBQ Co., catering, $1,254

City of Suffolk Parks and Recreation, rental of Planters Club, $1,024

Cash on hand — $20,611


Charles Scott Sr.

No itemized contributions

Un-itemized cash contributions — $45

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $45


Geral Staten

No itemized contributions

Un-itemized cash contributions — $25

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $25


Nansemond Borough

Ben Fitzgerald III

No itemized contributions

Un-itemized cash contributions — $100


Paypal, $3, fee for contribution

Cash on hand — $97


Lue Ward Jr.

No itemized contributions

Un-itemized cash contributions — $100

Loan to self: $100

Expenditures — SunTrust Bank, checks, $17

Cash on hand — $183


Sleepy Hole Borough

Raymond Batton III

No itemized contributions

No un-itemized cash contributions

In-kind contributions

Batton I LLC, $225 for storage rent


Suffolk Registrar’s Office, $3 for copies

Loan from self — $2,000

Cash on hand — $1,997


Roger Fawcett

Itemized contributions

James Lee King, $400

Van R. Pardue, $500

Chung Chung, $500

Culpepper Radiator Services Inc., $250

George Eberwine, $500

S. Earl Griffin, $750

David Halla, $200

Nansemond Auto Body Inc., $500

Joshua Pretlow, $300

Boyd Scarborough, $750

Spruill for House of Delegates, $150

Suffolk Auto Exchange, $250

Michael Turner, $200

W.E. Curling, $500

Robert Williams, $1,000

Raymond Wittersheim, $250

Cross Office LLC, $200

In-kind contributions

Jason Fawcett, $563, Suffolk News-Herald advertisement

Jason Fawcett, $300, Virginian-Pilot advertisement

Jason Fawcett, $966, signs for box truck windows

Jason Fawcett, $3, copies

Dorothy Fink, $300, customized white vinyl decals

Un-itemized cash contributions — $1,097


Suffolk Education Foundation program, $150

Direct Creative LLC, $3,351

Cash on hand — $8,182


Whaleyville Borough

LaTroy Brinkley

No itemized contributions

Un-itemized cash contributions — $388

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $388


J. Harold Faulk

No itemized contributions


$15.50 to unnamed source

Un-itemized cash contributions — $100

Cash on hand — $84.50


Vanessa Harris

Itemized contributions

Vanessa Harris — $125

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $125


Curtis Milteer

No itemized contributions

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $269