Land transfers for August 5 -18

Published 7:50 pm Saturday, August 20, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Aug. 5-11

Helen Boone to Carolyn D. Strand; 208 Central Ave.; $67,000

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Southern Bank and Trust Company to Singh and Mujwani; 141 Lee St.; $107,500

Ainslie Group Inc. to Latisha D. Early; 1005 Pitchkettle Farm Lane; $390,760

Charlotte H. Overcash to Corey Alan Northup; 109 Spivey Farm Lane; $285,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Melissa Sherry-Jones; 195 Squire Reach; $133,300

Patrick M. Horan to Thomas A. Bodner Jr.; 6052 Camellia Drive; $150,000

Dan A. Naumann to Ronald L. Parsons; 9001 River Crescent; $380,000

Ria J. Normanton to Benjamin Williams; 2816 Windjammer Road; $362,900

John C. Prosch Jr. to Katrina West; 105 Suffolk Meadows Blvd.; $299,900

Jerry A. Owens Sr. to Vincent D. Hatch; 106 Chenango Court; $247,700

Stuart M. Resor to Stephen Michael Young; 1588 Steeple Drive; $239,000

Vanessa O. Gardner to Richard Moody; $160,000; 6009 Rollingwood St.; $160,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to William Christopher Smith; 2144 Redgate Drive; $365,000

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Jordan S. Springer; 5014 Breleigh Lane; $220,000

BRD Builders LLC to Jeremiah L. Hill; 8787 New Road; $362,233

Tony Tyrone Smith to Dennis T. Woodbury; 6505 Harbour Point Drive; $625,000

Timothy M. Powell to Randy L. Delaney; 6209 Oaken Gate Drive; $325,000

M. Bradley Brickhouse Special Commissioner to Aubrey Heflin; 213 Wellons St.; $42,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Sarah J. Allen; 805 Walnut Park Drive; $165,000

David Calleance II to Robert G. Streater; 386 Collier Crescent; $155,000

George C. Pilkerton to Cody J. Heist; 302 Delaney Drive; $205,500

Vernon G. Eberwine Jr. to Bennetts Pasture LLC; No address given; $750,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Colon Clapp; 3010 Dawn Lane; $386,848

Esppar LLC to Tyrone Keith Boone; 0 Portsmouth Blvd.; $31,800

Southern Bank and Trust Company to Velma Outlaw; 139 Lee St.; $82,500

Blaine W. Jones to Hermogenes D. Veranga; 5303 Kemper Lakes; $429,300

Sharon Baines to William M. Lester; 1133 Myrtle St.; $118,700

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Theresa Hilda Barnes; 1315 White Marsh Road; $12,000

William T. Nelson Jr. to Aubrey Earl Rose; 1556 Manning Road; $123,000

Robert Arthur to Delsin B. Khan; 2035 Nicklaus Drive; $209,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Colby T. Tynes; 818 Resource Drive; $125,699

Ryan S. Johnson to Joel G. Kinney; 116 Grove Ave.; $183,900

Jason P. Degraff to Kenneth Alvarado Santiago; 105 Windsor Court; $284,900

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Christopher C. Williams; 7862 Whaleyville Blvd.; $260,299

Robert Loch to Brittany N. Proctor; 204 Waterbury Cove; $301,600

Aug. 12-18

James Harthausen to Rodney L. McKeithan; 407 Quaker Ridge Court; $485,000

Jason A. Lofton to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC; 127 Woodlake Terrace; $230,600

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Veteran Affairs; 127 Woodlake Terrace; $230,600

Paul E. Bradshaw Jr. to Paul E. Bradshaw Jr.; 1960 Cherry Grove; $226,600

Berkley Williams to 124 LLC; No address given; $9,500

Brandon Simpson to Joshua D. Dunlap; 224 Great Fork Road; $202,900

Joseph M. Stark to Joseph H. Grato; 352 Bob White Parkway; $449,900

Jane P. Youngk to Hampton Roads Holding Company; 8112 Crittenden Road; $50,000

Thomas Ober to Nelson A. Garcia; 6410 Yorkshire Drive; $240,000

D and B Properties Inc. to David A. Scoville; 118 Nottingham Blvd.; $225,000

US Bank Trust to Marvin D. Winslow; 703 Freeman Mill Road; $39,900

Cole E. Vaskey to Christopher Snow; 3301 Mintonville Point Drive; $306,500

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Courtney A. Coker; 3732 Willow Glenn Circle; $433,890

Frank J. Driscoll Jr. to Cook Out-Suffolk Inc.; 1011 N. Main Street; $135,000

David F. Joyner to Kevin Bennis; 6173 Knotts Creek Lane; $133,200

Charles D. Boyce to Paul W. Dumas; 1613 Holland Corner Road; $195,000

Bank of New York Mellen to Thomas Holdings LLC; 220 River Inlet Road; $352,900

Christopher M. Gould to Robert P. Brady; 2125 Kings Fork Road; $330,100

Matthew B. Steck to Daniel A. Learned; 2290 Humphreys Drive; $199,000

James K. Simpson to Gary W. Ables; 1204 Dutch Road; $26,500

Lisa Calabrese to Bobby L. Alexander Jr.; 6803 Creekside Court; $280,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Cedar Homes LLC; 1488 Elderberry Road; $290,000

John D. Durre to Charles R. Banks; 303 Autumn Circle; $325,000

Southern Specialty Properties LLC to Blackwater Investment Group LLC; 8504 Pineview Road; $95,400

Sean M. Gilroy to Charlton R. Cox; 1032 Meadows Reach Circle; $269,800

Quinn M. Beers to David J. Goodman; 150 Wexford Drive; $124,900

Terry/Peterson Residential LLC to Abraham P. Santiago; 3494 Prices Fork Road; $243,910

Willie J. Malone to Angelo D. Robinson; 106 Pintail Drive; $338,000

Carlos D. Baez to Derrick F. Dudash; 5104 N. Bay Hill Court; $399,900

Myles H. Posner to Michael Prezioso; 925 Vineyard Place; $268,000

Oried E. Graves to Charles J. Watson III; 316 Silver Poplar Court; $150,100

D and B Properties Inc. to Brian E. Wenzel; 1023 Meadows Reach Circle; $327,000

Linda M. Teets to Georgia Lynch; No address given; $175,400

Roderick J. Richardson to Cristian J. Tapia; 3007 Billings Drive; $189,000

Georgia E. Lynch to Marquis T. Jordan; 4004 Gunston Drive; $165,000

Terry/Peterson Residential LLC to Robert H. Davis Sr.; 5080 Kings Grant Circle; $244,390

Paula L. Boyd to David Crews; 60*16A New Road; $73,000

Anna P. Hines to Jennifer M. Dunlap; 1100 Pine Valley Drive; $365,000

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to SNB Homes LLC; 1469 Lipton Circle; $249,900

Michael R. Sheppard Sr. to Jorenged Font; 6203 Harewood Lane; $270,000

Nicholas Branham to Russell L. Clark Sr.; No address given; $132,000

Adam Brooks to Kyle Bryan; 121 Kristen Lane; $190,000

Michael T. Haas to David L. Stewart; No address given; $700,000

Christopher Windley to Christopher D. Walburn; 151 W. Liberty Spring Road; $335,000

Wanda M. Lawrence to Gregory S. Sykes Jr.; 211 Greenfield Crescent; $112,900

Galo E. Moreira to Gonzalo Perez; 4393 Cole Ave.; $220,000

Cynthia E. Comeyne to Morris E. Williams Jr.; 3352 Oyster Creek Drive; $100,000

Daniel P. Gover to Robert A. Jenkins; 6804 Edgefield Court; $252,900

Quincy E. Beasley to Jacob R. Freeman; 3512 Kelso Court; $285,000

Sara T. Popovich to Charles C. Nwadi; 5106 Captains Walk; $449,700

Daniel Voss to Tanisha M. Franklin; 314 Pinner Street; $129,900

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Christine A. Whalen; 3218 Gardenia Court; $489,810.73