LHS chips away at golf problems

Published 10:32 pm Wednesday, August 31, 2016

After starting its season in a bind, the Lakeland High School golf team has made great progress, both individually and as a team.

Only two of last year’s seven players returned to the team this year, and at the beginning of the season, Coach Daniel Waller was working hard to recruit enough players to compete.

Halfway through the season and now with a roster of five players, Waller likes the progress he has seen from his golfers.

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“Each of them have improved their scores on a daily basis,” Waller said. “Every match, I see each player getting better.”

Sophomore Corey Hasson has shown promise for the Cavaliers, and Waller says Hasson has dedicated himself to being a better player.

“His hard work has proven successful,” Waller said. “The future is bright for Corey as we move on.”

Waller also likes his team’s potential for the future as players gather experience. All season they have been playing against others with years of experience. That exposure, plus lots of practice, will help his golfers improve, he said.

“The main thing I want to accomplish this year is I want the kids to have fun with class,” Waller said. “We want to better ourselves every time we go out and play.”

Lakeland has won two matches this year, which is two more than last year. The Cavaliers lost a match to Hickory on Tuesday. Waller says that’s one of the best teams in the state.

“Hickory is easily one of the top five teams in the state,” Waller said. “They beat us by 100 strokes. They are a very good team.”

Playing tough opponents is helps Lakeland golf get better. Good competition from other schools motivates the players to play the best they can. Golf is an individual sport, and Waller would like his players to keep focusing on bettering themselves; the rest will follow, he said.

“We can’t control what other teams are doing,” he said. “We want to go out and do the best we can and hope that matches up with other teams.”

Lakeland tees off against Oscar Smith today at 1 p.m. at the Nansemond River Country Club Golf Course.


Hickory 321, Lakeland 422

At Sleepy Hole

Par 72

Medalist: Patrick Gareiss (H) 68.