Meals volunteers honored

Published 10:27 pm Friday, September 16, 2016

A group of people used to serving meals to others had the tables turned on them Thursday evening.

More than 100 Meals on Wheels volunteers turned out to the volunteer appreciation dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn. About 60 who have reached milestones of the number of years they have served were especially recognized.

“Tonight, it’s all about you,” executive director Roseland Worrell told the volunteers.

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The 29-year-old organization, through its volunteers, delivers two meals every weekday to 141 clients in the Suffolk and Isle of Wight areas.

But it’s not just the food that the volunteers are bringing, Worrell said.

“We deliver more than meals,” she said. “We deliver smiles.”

Robert Crocker, 78, who has been delivering meals for 15 years, said the volunteers help keep an eye on recipients who might be elderly, shut-in or disabled.

“We may be the only people they see or contact all day,” he said. “They really appreciate the moments you sit down and talk with them.”

He started volunteering to give back to the community, he said.

“I received a lot from our community when I was growing up,” he said. Besides, he added, “It gives me something to do besides sit in my easy chair.”

Shirley Robinson, who volunteers in the Meals on Wheels office located at Sentara Obici Hospital, praised Worrell.

“She deserves a lot of the credit for the success of the organization,” Robinson said.

The volunteers who were honored for milestones included the following:

20 years — Toni Taylor

15 years — Robert Crocker, Susie Brown, Donald Brown, Earl Martin

10 years — James Blair, Bonnie Harper, Clyde Harper, Regina Joyner, Samuel Coles, Katherine Joyner, Rose Brown, Davis Throckmorton, Linda Throckmorton, Sharon Ellis, Ronnie White

5 years — Dee Steinert, Joyce Bradshaw, Lee Carrow, Oscar Abbot, Robert Beale, Pauline Cox, Shirley Derby, Bruce Wigger, Linda Wigger, Carla Martin, Faye Varney, Judy Ulrich, Janie Crocker, John Carter, Doreen Davis, Rita Queen, Anne-Marie Brooks, Rev. Norman March, Dorothy McGuire, Liz Morris, Edward Britt, June Felton, Leroy Pope, Tom White, Susan Carbee, John Curry, Toni Smith, Anne O’Kane, Jim O’Kane

1 year — Bonnie Blount, James Hudson, David Powell, Harry Corky, Jean Keeling, Susan Blair Lawhorne, Nathaniel Mason, Beverly Lee, Judy Vincent, Susie Powell, Lynn Nelson, Bobby Cullop, Shirley Robinson, Vivian Simpson, Anna Blaum, Ray Blaum