Land Transfers for Sept. 9-15

Published 6:34 pm Saturday, September 17, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Sept. 9-15

Meely Family LLC to Nansemond Parkway Properties; 0 Nansemond Parkway; $79,900

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Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Leo Thomas; 1615 Freeman Mill Road; $192,300

JB Property Solutions LLC to Claudale Gardner; 5624 Person St.; $199,900

Kent L. Davis to Julie M. Cole; 308 Saint Brie; $325,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Tarrance E. Parker; 104 Bowman Dr.; $267,290

Thomas E. Connor to Jason C. King; 104 Ruby Court; $255,000

Emmett L. Lesueur to Deborah Bradford; 302 Broad St.; $164,900

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; No address given; $88,500

Harriett S. Wills to Barry M. Robertson; No address given; $240,000

William W. Vick to John D. Jones; No address given; $215,000

Xenith Bank to Barry L. Sexton; 5541 Godwin Blvd.; $141,600

Andrew B. Damiani to Eric Brown; 229 E. Washington St.; $15,000

Sadler Building Corporation to Alquin G. Parker; 4502 Shannon Lane; $408,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Anand Samlal; 101 Karen Lane; $340,375

Mary A. Meadows to Courtney P. Eason; 1324 River Road; $263,200

Sam J. Hopper to Jonathan S. Perez; 1317 Pheasant Circle; $235,000

James H. Durden to Dalton T. Wilson; 2001 Airport Road; $282,500

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Roy R. Odom; 9398 New Road; $492,500

Alan Caldwell to Gary T. Williams Jr.; 6208 Amberly Circle; $264,900

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Linwood D. Campbell; $301,900

Sabr Mortgage Loan to Deniee Joyner; 514 Brook Ave.; $164, 274

Daniel J. Bogowitz to Tonia Bryant; 197 Wexford Court; $150,000

Theresa J. Cross to Joseph R. Dye; 221 Holbrook Arch; $279,900

Evelyn M. Roane to March Swamp Plantation LLC; No address given; $145,000

Don W. Sanders to Angelo M. Rosati; 3264 Nansemond Parkway; $145,000

John King to James Therrien; 1129 Proctor St.; $192,850

Diego L. Flores to Larry W. Warlitner; 507 Rushwood Court; $488,500

Darryl I. Davis to Millard Lee Branch; 300 Loblolly Court; $268,000

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Cedar Homes LLC; 3897 Pughsville Road; $285,600

Suntrust Bank to Haus Solutions LLC; 3240 Jackson Road; $198,800

Vernell K. Kahan to Haus Solutions LLC; 3240 Jackson Road; $39,800

Carlos Sessoms to Willie Dixon Jr.; 6385 Old Townpoint Road; $1,500

Paul V. Vrhovac to Dale Brown; 3302 Mintonville Point Drive; $365,000

Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Patrick R. King; 313 N. Llyod St.; $135,200

Barbara A. Felton to Ashley M. Cornelius; 5613 Frank St.; $198,100

Robert W. Dalton to Brett B. Cumbia; 431 Manning Bridge Road; $231,300

Adam G. Schmidke to Courtney N. Foltz; 110 Dutchland Trail; $258,600

Paul E. Decker to Misty M. Keeth; 327 Westwood Drive; $212,500

John E. Robinett to Rebecca C. Ware; 1007 Silver Charm Circle; $255,000

Charles Reamon to Roderic M. Woods; 1537 Olde Mill Creek Drive; $308,000

Bank @lantec to Angelo Carr; 1038 Snead Drive; $289,000