A good time to talk politics

Published 10:10 pm Friday, September 23, 2016

To the editor:

Some people recommend not talking politics at supper. In my view, it is important to share ideas and differing points of view with others through polite dialogues. Too much of what passes for communication involves people talking past each other, while significant facts are ignored.

This weekend we had supper with friends. Eventually the conversation turned to the presidential election. Some stated they could not vote for Clinton because of the usual reasons cited by the Trump campaign. Some stated they could not vote for Trump because of the usual reasons cited by the Clinton campaign.

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I listened for a while, until someone asked what I thought. I said first that none of what had been discussed had anything to do with my choice. In my mind, two factors are ignored in the political war of words.

First, why is there so much appeal for a person like Trump? Second, why do so many known Republicans oppose him and some actually indicate support for Clinton?

There are two historical factors that I will consider when deciding my vote. When I think about voting, I try to review a longer period of time than most people. Regarding the Bush presidencies, the Clinton presidency and the Obama presidency, I see a negative pattern that has done major harm to the American economy and the people, particularly the middle class.

The negative pattern involves international trade agreements enacted by all three presidencies. At the beginning of each presidency and just after each inauguration, new trade agreements were made. The press swooned over the “good feel” between both Republicans and Democrats after hotly contested campaigns. There seemed to be universal agreement between the parties and the press that the change would be good for Americans.

But as everyone should know, the good-paying jobs that created the middle class left the country, and there are more low-paying jobs, driving more people toward the poverty level.

From what I see, both the Republican and Democratic parties strongly support these trade agreements, regardless of who wins an election. That is why known Republicans are not supporting Trump. And that is why I will vote for Trump.

I am certain another international trade agreement will result as soon as Clinton is elected, and, as usual, Americans will continue to lose out in terms of good jobs and income.

Joseph L. Bass