A golden tribute

Published 10:56 pm Friday, October 7, 2016

There’s only one kind of tribute appropriate for a one-of-a-kind lady, and that’s something golden.

Riddick’s Folly recently completed a project that paid tribute to longtime volunteer and member, Henrietta King, who died in January.

“Henry,” as her husband, Edward L. King, the director and curator, called her, always wanted to see carvings that adorned the doorways in the first floor of the home returned to their original gilt. Scrapings done by an expert many years ago had revealed that was the original color of the intricate leaves and shells that were carved in the James Woodward shop in Norfolk in 1837, when the home was built.

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So when an outpouring of love in memory of Mrs. King came to the museum after her death, her husband knew just what to do.

Board member and friend Marcus Gersbach helped with the project on evenings throughout the spring and summer. Now that it’s completed, the carvings — 32 of them, now covered with 24-karat German gold — really make the room pop.

There is room for even more projects. The gold cost $1,000, and more than three times that was given in honor of Mrs. King. In addition, nearly $20,000 worth of furniture that was on loan and on display in the home is going to be donated in memory of Mrs. King.

We have no doubt Riddick’s Folly will use these donations to make appropriate improvements that will last generations and will reflect beautifully not only on the legacy of Mrs. King but also on her husband, the current board members and the Riddicks themselves.

If you’ve never seen Riddick’s Folly, you’re missing a solid gold gem in the historic downtown area. Stop by and see them at 510 N. Main St. some day.