Campaigns raising, spending in countdown

Published 10:34 pm Friday, October 7, 2016

As the election nears, candidates up for local election this year, especially mayoral candidates, are raising and spending furiously in preparation for the Nov. 8 election.

The most recent reports covered July 1 through Aug. 31. They were due Sept. 15.

Incumbent Mayor Linda T. Johnson continues to outpace all four of her challengers combined in raising and spending money.

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Johnson had about $28,700 cash on hand at the end of the period. The committee of her next-richest challenger, Kerry Holmes, had $6,395.

The four candidates for the Whaleyville Borough seat on City Council are also starting to heat up their races after a fairly quiet summer.

Incumbent Curtis Milteer and challengers Latroy Brinkley, J. Harold Faulk and Vanessa Harris have started to collect and spend a fair amount of money in the weeks before the election.

The next report is due Oct. 17 and covers the month of September. The last report before the election is due Oct. 31 and covers Oct. 1-27, so that will be the last chance to see candidates’ last-minute supporters.

All numbers have been rounded to the nearest dollar.



Brian Bass

Itemized contributions

Robert Baker, $200

Un-itemized cash contributions — $730


Department of Elections, registered voter list, $180

Facebook, promotion, $75

USPS, postage, $47

Walmart, office supplies, $47

Facebook, promotion, $152

Lowe’s, sign materials, $57

Space Walk of Suffolk, bounce house, $50

Walmart, office supplies, $22

Thurman Battle, DJ, $200

Space Walk of Suffolk, bounce house, $185

USPS, postage, $141

Facebook, promotion, $168

Total expenditures — $1,325

Cash on hand — $555


Kerry Holmes

Itemized contributions

Kimberly Holmes, $500

Daniel Urig, $500

Un-itemized cash contributions — $5,545


ICY Designs, web support, $500

UPrinting Company, graphic design, $500

UPrinting Company, print materials, $1,525

ICY Designs, photography and web support, $900

USPS, postage, $150

Walmart, T-shirts, $200

Total expenditures — $3,775

Cash on hand — $6,395


Linda T. Johnson

Itemized contributions

Elizabeth Atkinson, $500

Michael Bakwin, $1,000

Rhonda and Frankie Bridgeman, $500

John D. and Mary Anne Eure, $250

  1. Leslie and Wanda Hall, $200

Andrea Kilmer, $1,000

Steven E. Lawson, $750

Robert McDonnell, $200

James L. and Gail Tatum, $1,500

Tidewater Builders Association, $5,000

Robert and Judy Williams, $500

Raymond and Cindy Wittersheim, $200

In-kind contributions

Jesse J. Johnson Jr., $273

Un-itemized cash contributions — $4,215


Mark Weiss Associates, signs, $2,100

Patriot Signage Inc., yard signs, $3,577

Creative Direct, campaign literature, $2,000

City of Suffolk, Taste of Suffolk space, $50

Total expenditures — $7,727

Cash on hand — $28,699


Charles Scott Sr.

No itemized contributions

Un-itemized cash contributions — $45

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $45


Geral “Bishop” Staten

Itemized contributions

Alyssa Fonoimoana, $800

Clint Wright, $140

Gerine Staten, $150

Kelvin Riddick, $150

Norine Edwards, $200

Un-itemized cash contributions — $1,700

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $3,165


Nansemond Borough

Ben Fitzgerald III

No itemized contributions

Un-itemized cash contributions — $440


Paypal, fee for contribution, $1.75

Ben Fitzgerald, media expenses, $500

Suntrust, account maintenance fee, $12

Cash on hand — $23


Lue Ward Jr.

Itemized contributions

Batford Franchising I LLC, $300


N&N Land Company, $1,000

Parr Enterprises Inc., $500

R&J Motel Management, $1,000

In-kind contributions — Maria Herbert, $380

Un-itemized cash contributions — $1,025


Johnnie Edwards, consulting, $750

College Square National Night Out, food, $50

Huntersville National Night Out, food, $50

Gina Payne, music, $300

Bennett’s Creek Market, food for fundraiser, $55

Office Max, print fliers, $73

Gerald Hall, literature drop, $40

Lue Ward, gas for Richmond trip, $45

State Board of Elections, voter list, $180

Total expenditures — $1,544

Cash on hand — $2,582


Sleepy Hole Borough

Raymond Batton III

Itemized contributions

Bischoff Martingale PC, $500

Un-itemized cash contributions — $163

In-kind contributions

Raymond Dewey Batton, $6,326, advertising

Batton I LLC, $3,420 for rent and printing

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $2,660


Roger Fawcett

No itemized contributions

No un-itemized cash contributions

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $8,182


Whaleyville Borough

LaTroy Brinkley

Itemized contributions

Constance E. Jones, $200

Un-itemized contributions, $952


Kassigirl Imagery, photography, $174

VistaPrint, print media, $323

Total expenditures — $498

Cash on hand — $1,042


  1. Harold Faulk

Itemized contributions

  1. Harold Faulk, $400


Suffolk Publications, advertisement, $360

Un-itemized cash contributions — $100

Cash on hand — $124


Vanessa Harris

Itemized contributions

Winfield and Parris Carson, $200

Margaret L. Vann, $300

Un-itemized cash contributions — $845


Oriental Trading, campaign supplies and giveaways, $132

Oriental Trading, campaign giveaways, $22

Farmer’s Bank, bank service charge, $5

Total expenditures — $159

Loan to self — $1,100

Cash on hand — $2,286


Curtis Milteer

Itemized contributions

R and J Motel Management Inc., $1,000

N&N Land Company, $500

Charles F. Brown, $200

Amos Goodman, $200

Un-itemized cash contributions, $700


Copico, 300 political signs, $1,318

Total expenditures — $1,318

Cash on hand — $8,596