Police report for Oct. 7-10

Published 10:10 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations. It should be noted that a criminal charge is only an accusation and does not indicate a conviction has or will be attained nor that the party listed in the arrest report is guilty of the crime listed.


October 7

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Petit larceny, West Washington Street

Child abuse, River Road

Runaway juvenile, Battery Avenue

Simple domestic assault, Bradford Drive

Theft from motor vehicle, Windward Lane

Hit and run, property damage, Portsmouth Boulevard

Grand larceny, Bridge Road

Simple assault, Wilson/Wellons streets

Hit and run, Shoulders Hill Road

City report, property damage, Benton Road

Animal bite, Forrest Street

Unauthorized use of auto, Central Avenue

Animal bite, Holiday Point Drive/Centerbury Lane

Habitual offender, East Washington Street

Non-reportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Threaten to kill, North Division Street

Destruction of property, North Fourth Street

Credit card/ATM fraud, Burnetts Way

Petit larceny, West Constance Road

Lost or stolen, Wellons Street

Simple domestic assault, South Lloyd Street

Break and enter, residential, North Ninth Street

Child abuse, North Eighth Street

Grand larceny, White Herons Lane

Child endangerment, Southwest Suffolk Bypass

Possession of marijuana, Wexford Drive

Throwing missiles at occupied vehicle, Portsmouth Boulevard

Disorderly conduct, Planters Club Drive

Non-reportable offenses, Harbour View Boulevard

Possession of marijuana, Wexford Drive

Aggravated domestic assault, North Main Street



Christina Beth Lane, 27, public intoxication (M)

Sheldon Marcus Porter, 34, assault and battery of a family member (M)

Randy Tyrese Britt, 50, operate motor vehicle while habitual offender, second or subsequent offense (F)

Shakera Laurie Riddick, 22, contempt of court (M)

Carl Clifford Resnick, 41, revocation of suspended sentence (M)

Phillip Deallo Goston, 35, possession of marijuana (M)

Nicole Renay Batchelder, 28, revocation of suspended sentence (F)

William Clarence Rountree, 48, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)

Ramon Marco Romero, 31, disorderly conduct (M)

Fanya Nicole Joe, 31, assault and battery (M)

Arthur Thomas Roe, 28, driving under the influence of alcohol (M)


October 8


Drug overdose, Railroad Avenue

Break and enter, business, East Washington Street

Break and enter, residential, Scottsfield Drive

Concealed weapon, Holland Road

Simple domestic assault, Nancy Drive

Disorderly conduct, Gene Bolton Drive

Simple assault, Gene Bolton Drive

Hit and run, Route 58

Runaway juvenile, Brook Avenue

Larceny, shoplifting, Carolina Road

Vandalism of private property, Second Avenue

Identity theft, North Main Street

Counterfeiting, East Washington Street

Natural death, Babbtown Road



Jalil Larshawn Evans, 19, grand larceny (F)

Don Cornell Gray, 61, drive after forfeiture of license (M)

William Preston Hogge, 40, grand larceny (F)

Randall Ward Kellum, 34, hit and run, personal injury (F)

Ronald Demetrius Smith, 40, contempt of court (M)

Dominique Devonta Thompson, 18, forging, uttering (F)

Clarence Tyrone Pope, 28, carrying concealed weapon, first offense (M)

Byron Ian Lewis, 36, carrying concealed weapon, first offense (M)


October 9


Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Brook Avenue

Abandoned vehicle, West Constance Road

Non-reportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Natural death, Riverfront Drive

Traffic hazard, Wilroy Road

Abandoned vehicle, Holland Road

Abandoned vehicle, Bridge Road/Windward Lane

Abandoned vehicle, Holland Road

Grand larceny, Wilroy Road

Traffic hazard, Quaker Drive

Traffic hazard, Bridge road

Hit and run, County/Mill streets

Traffic hazard, Great Fork/Mineral Spring roads

Traffic hazard, Manning Road/Manning Farm Lane

Theft from motor vehicle, Hill Street

Abandoned vehicle, County Street

Non-reportable offenses, Desert Road

Abandoned vehicle, East Washington Street

Forcible rape, location withheld

Abandoned vehicle, East Constance Road

Traffic hazard, Pruden Boulevard/Meade Parkway

Hit and run, Boat Street

Traffic hazard, Manning Bridge Road

Hit and run, Hunter Street

Abandoned vehicle, White Marsh Road

Petit larceny, Bridge Road

Missing person, Catapult Court

Traffic hazard, Buckhorn Drive

Abandoned vehicle, Portsmouth Boulevard

Petit larceny, Holland Road

Animal bite, Meadows Reach Circle

Violate protective order, North Main Street

Simple domestic assault, Centerbrooke Lane

Simple domestic assault, Stacey Drive

Abandoned vehicle, Blythewood Lane

Destruction of property, Pittmantown Road

Break and enter, residential, Holladay Street

Non-reportable offenses, Kingsdale Road



Vernell Lawrence, 58, keeping dog over four months old without rabies vaccination (M)


October 10


Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Hosier Road

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Harbour View Boulevard

Forcible sodomy, Nancy Drive

Break and enter, residential, East Washington Street

Non-reportable offenses, East Washington Street

Petit larceny, West Washington Street

Vandalism of private property, Carolina Road

Motor vehicle theft, South Quay Road

Break and enter, residential, West Washington Street

Fraud flim-flam, White Marsh Road

Simple domestic assault, Hawk Lane

Grand larceny, Kilby Avenue

City report of property damage, Portsmouth Boulevard

Abandoned vehicle, Longstreet Lane

Lost or stolen, Vermont Avenue

Annoying phone calls, Godwin Boulevard

Motor vehicle theft, Bridge Road

Larceny, shoplifting, College Drive

Larceny, shoplifting, College Drive


M – Misdemeanor

F – Felony