Curtis Milteer is a voice for Whaleyville

Published 7:52 pm Saturday, October 15, 2016

To the editor:


On a warm spring day in 1980 in the Whaleyville Borough, Curtis Milteer walked the streets, knocked on doors and met his neighbors. This was the first day that I met Curtis. This was the beginning of his “grassroots” approach concerning politics. According to, “grassroots is grown from the soil of people’s hard necessities.” Mr. Milteer walked the roads of his community and talked with his neighbors. He wanted to find out what issues interested them and where his neighbors they stood on those issues. And he has never stopped.

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Curtis is a thoughtful, fair-minded and caring individual who will put the best interests of Whaleyville residents first. He has many things that make him the best choice for Whaleyville, including experience, proven dedication to the Whaleyville community, and a knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing both our village and city. Now, it is time to carry on Mr. Milteer’s compassion and concern for the people of the Whaleyville Borough.

Councilman Curtis Milteer deserves to be re-elected by the Whaleyville Borough. Curtis Milteer approaches his council membership as a sounding board. He is a representative for his constituents and comes to their aid when they have problems. Curtis Milteer is there on the ground where the problem exists, and works thoughtfully and tirelessly to help solve the dilemma. Over and over again, people praise Mr. Milteer’s hands-on approach. His constituents have witnessed his diligence, hard work and dedication. They know that Mr. Milteer got things done on their behalf.

Take a drive through the Whaleyville Borough and you will see the efforts of Mr. Milteer’s consistent hard work:

4Improved infrastructure is evident with sidewalks and curbing (in Hall Place, Saratoga, South Suffolk and Old Norfolk Road) to aid the storm water management system

4Both the residential and commercial investment on and off of Carolina Road

4The streetlights in the Whaleyville Borough

4The Whaleyville Community Center with state-of-the-art services on Robertson Street

To sum it up, Curtis Milteer listens with serious and respectful attention to all neighborhood concerns in the city of Suffolk, works with council colleagues and the city administration to deal with the issues, and becomes a leader when council action is required for implementing the needed changes.

Obviously, my candidate (hands down) is Curtis Milteer. Join me on Tuesday, Nov. 8, and cast your vote for Councilman Curtis Milteer.


Sharyn Welch