Land transfers for Oct. 7-13

Published 6:30 pm Saturday, October 15, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Oct. 7-13

Deborah H. Lee to Stephen D. Butler; 6865 Ruritan Blvd.; $75,200
HG Development Finance II Land LLC to ABT Custom Homes LLC; 4012 Michael Drive; $70,000
HG Development Finance II Land LLC to ABT Custom Homes LLC; 2002 Anthony Place; $80,000
Prentis Place LLC to NVR Inc.; 315 West Constance Road; $148,000
Thomas W. Waylett to Christopher S. Dignan; 3135 Arthur Drive; $395,000
Christy L. Witcher to Ryan Fleming; 3001 Beech Grove Lane; $315,000
Honey-Bridge Inc. to Chris Simmonds; No address given; $4,000
PNC Bank National Association to Gary W. Bunting; 1303 Cheriton Lane; $117,870
Shannon P. Ewers to Spencer W. Bachman; 3312 Deer Path Road; $179,900
Brandon Simpson to Steven A. Drew; 530 Kingsale Rd.; $295,000
William W. Williams III to Justin T. Bush; 2737 Nansemond Drive; $140,000
D and B Properties Inc. to Justin Michael Carr; 506 N. Broad St., 516 N. Broad St.; $245,000
Janet Ford to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; No address given; $257,456.27
Samuel G. White to Edgar M. Sanchez; 200 Goshawk Court; $350,000
U.S. Bank National Association to Blaine Roland Jackson; 9596 S. Quay Road; $123,000
Steven A. Marshall to Wendy E. Forbes; 1513 Glen Haven Drive; $1
Ronald Jerome Daiker to John Brian Beaton; 8752 Adams Drive; $301,000
William Rufus Powell to Hugh A. West; 312 Bosley Ave.; $95,000
Wanda B. Barner to 124 LLC; No address given; $15,000
Bank of New York Mellon to Direct Resolutions LLC; 315 Sherwood Drive; $92,400
Vincent M. Coccetti to Justin K. Kloppenburg; 3610 White Marsh Road; $312,800
Christina E. Wilson to Theodore William Bacalis Jr.; 1601 S. River Creek Landing; $212,000
Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Cedar Homes LLC; 810 Haskins Drive; $191,000
Branch H. Daniels Jr. to HH and W LLC; No address given; $91,300
Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Christopher M. Denney; 106 Karen Lane; $313,684
U.S. Bank National Association to Cedar Homes LLC; 4023 Appaloosa Court; $227,500
Daniels Construction Corp. to Matthew A. Takala; 317 Woodruff St.; $149,900
Llyod Caroll Nixon to Roger Lane; No address given; $97,000
David A. Darden Jr. to William Darden; No address given; $100,000
Howard O. Vulk to U.S. Bank Trust; 5747 Godwin Blvd.; $198,934.61
Geraldine Outterbridge to Johnyy Howard; 325 Goodman St.; $110,000
Terry/Peterson Residental Companies to Matthew S. Bythway; 3386 Prices Fork Blvd.; $254,720
Bank of New York Mellon to Dan Yun Ye; 6206 Glenrose Drive; $149,400
Secretary of Veterans Affairs to James E. Pittman; 3008 Stone Creek; $270,375
Jane B. Jones to Ryan M. Blake; 204 S. Broad St.; $229,900
Lawrence M. Fraley to Rachel R. Prince; 111 Dunbar Drive; $211,000
Balz Holdings LLC to Irene L. Jacobs; 6250 Skeet Road; $143,000
Larry D. Bryant to James R. Ashby; 6378 Scottsfield Drive; $160,000
Michael V. Krell to Hawa P. Riley; 2711 Burning Tree Lane; $345,000
Fannie Mae to S and D Contractors LLC; 1004 Blythewood Lane; $60,000
Jarrs Properties LLC to Jonathan Jefferies; 909 McKinley Ave.; $44,200
Midtown Development Corporation to Solomons Builders Inc.; 2770 Burning Tree Lane; $60,000
William Highlander to Kevin Bittle; 201 Osprey Court; $507,500
Kevin W. Mabe to Daryl Raeminton Jarvis; 1308 Baltic St.; $165,200
BCS Homes LLC to Terrence E. Minor; 110 Meridian Place; $352,520
Joshua Pretlow Jr. to City of Norfolk; 113 Lockwood Circle; $241,864
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Karen Sutherland; 198 Greenfield Crescent; $91,200
Allen R. Winslow to Marvin D. Winslow; No address given; $15,000

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