Warriors split on Senior Night

Published 10:28 pm Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Nansemond River High School boys’ and girls’ volleyball teams’ seniors were honored Tuesday night as they took on Kecoughtan High School, who are also known as the Warriors.

The NRHS Lady Warriors fought hard for a solid five sets but eventually lost 3-2.

The boys came out fast, beating KHS 3-0.

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Each set in the girls’ game was a consistent back-and-forth effort by both teams, as they traded sets throughout the game.

KHS took a 7-0 lead in the fifth set that proved too much for the Lady Warriors to bounce back from.

The Lady Warriors have eight seniors Keona Bellamy, Monet Ballard, Dani Douglas, Kelly Lafferty, Marrisa Bryan, Savannah Miller, Sabria Townsend, and Madison Rhoads who were all honored Tuesday night.

The Nansemond River boys’ team fared better in their 3-0 win.

Team members felt like they played good as a whole and can use this game as momentum for the post-season, which starts next week.

“I think it was a huge win for us,” NRHS senior Jake Bordeaux said. “Lately we had been playing great and falling a little short, but our hard work finally paid off. “

Nansemond River boys’ coach Sarah Hutzler said that it had been a privilege to coach her seniors this year.

“They are good leaders, both of them,” Hutzler said. “They both are good leaders and understand the game of volleyball. Both of them know how the hold the team together and teach the younger guys a lot about the game.”

NRHS honored their senior captains Bordeaux and Nikoli Green.

“It was a little emotional out there,” Bordeaux said. “Nikoli and I were extremely happy with our team, and we were proud we were able to go out with a win.”

Post-season play is set for next week, though seeding and timing is still being worked out.

It is possible that these two teams can see each other again soon.

“We just go out there and make smart plays and do what’s best for the team,” Hutzler said. “Everyone wants to make the big play, but we have to play smart and strong, and I think we will be okay. Everyone has to play at their own strength.”


Girls’ volleyball

Nansemond River 2, Kecoughtan 3

22-25, 28-25, 25-20, 22-25, 15-5