Fawcett has always been helpful

Published 8:27 pm Saturday, October 22, 2016

To the editor:

As president of the Harbour Breeze Estates Home Owners Association, I would like to give my opinion of the job Roger Fawcett has done during his term as city councilman for the Sleepy Hole Borough.

In the short time that I have known him, Roger has fixed damaged roads in our area and has helped get approval for two new schools, as well as refurbishment of other schools.

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This is all indicative of how much Roger enjoys helping the people in our community.

Roger Fawcett has frequently attended our HOA meetings to give us insight or guidance regarding community issues, and he always answers our questions. And, if presented with a problem, he will go out of his way to answer our questions or help us to a resolution.

That’s what he did when our community had an issue with speeders in areas where children frequently played: He was able to get not only speed radar signs posted, but he had the police step up patrols, and he was able to arrange a traffic study to measure the problem.

Since then, the problem has been drastically reduced, ensuring our children are safer.

He is quick to listen and help and always returns phone calls. He is well spoken and very pleasant, as well as a hard worker for the people.

I would like to see Roger Fawcett reelected because of his dedication, his love of the people, his efforts and his generosity to help those who cannot help themselves with their issues.

Please reelect Roger Fawcett to City Council to continue the excellent service already in progress.
Richard Girard
Harbor Breeze Estates HOA