Land transfers for Oct. 14-20

Published 8:31 pm Saturday, October 22, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Oct. 14-20

Fannie Mae to Kyle Andrew Ferguson; 6902 Leefield Court; $260,000

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Richard J. Trent II to William Patrick Schumacher; 246 Fallawater Way; $230,400

Rebecca W. Payne to Michael L. Posey; 4780 Schooner Blvd.; $245,000

Michael W. Slocum to Mark T. Eisenhart; 818 Craig Drive; $335,000

Wayne Simon to Daniels Construction Corp.; 4113 Pughsville Road; $98,700

William C. Robertson to Gary Noah; 320 Baron Blvd.; $269,000

Chad T. Goode to Kyle W. Mikolajczyk; 1035 Meadows Reach Circle; $285,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; $10

Carolyse W. Ashe to Johne E. Craig; 5241 Holland Road; $110,000

Coy Everage Jr. to Brandon M. Weiler; 1605 Cornus Court; $278,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Francis C. Kelley; 2675 River Watch Drive; $471,900

Terry Peterson Residential to John P. Hammond; 3388 Prices Fork Blvd.; $250,790 pg 3

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Albert L. James; 107 Bowman Drive; $332,362

Stephen C. Atkinson to Mary Anderson; 127 Birdie Drive; $324,300

Dean J. Dardis to Stephen R. Downs; 1265 Barnes Road; $285,000

Danise P. Archer to John Allen Clark; 184 Moore Farm Lane; $191,600

Guy K. Schmidt to Bryan S. Roman; 6005 Camellia Drive; $166,400

Patrick M. Atchinson to Patricia Maniego; 1202 Island Park Circle; $180,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Seaboard Enterprises LLC; 211 Pearl St.; $31,500

Michael G. Lopez to Stephanie A. Lopez; 152 Kingsdale Road; $235,000

Michael C. Newton to Michael C. Harrison; 2270 Holland Corner Road; $297,000

Geoffrey A. Terry to Tony M. Barry; 130 Hillside Ave.; $255,000

Cedar Homes LLC to Adam Harvey; 105 Dana Drive; $214,900

Annette M. Peterson to Shawana Keshawn Perno; 306 Sheryl Court; $276,000

BCS Homes LLC to Nicole Marie Reddout; 112 Meridian Place; $319,690

Domenick A. Giarmono to Marvin J. Loritts; 110 Sandy Lake Drive; $349,000

Kevin E. Lunday to Christopher K. Dempsey; 307 Saint Brie West; $330,000

Maxine Goodridge to Kurt A. Langenderfer; 3026 Kempton Park Road; $289,900

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Lisa Cupid; 6374 Scottsfield Drive; $173,100

Lucas A. Anderson to Terry A. Guantt; 413 Williams Rod; $275,000

Thad Keyt to Rhys A. Campbell; 419 S. Main St.; $135,900

Jonie N. Mansfield to Ralph L. Howell; 4536 Sleepy Hole Road; $740,000

James E. Ward to Brent A. Pelletier; 110 Brewer Ave.; $239,900

Donna C. Davis to James M. Schompert; No address given; $79,900

Michael R. Buie to John B. Murphy; 3228 Duke of Clouchester Drive; $227,900

Faith B. Amick to Wade A. Wright; 5605 Riverbluff Drive; $444,700

Terry Peterson Residential to Mitchell T. Cooper; 5007 Grant Circle; $280,815

David A. Morris to Kynetta Brown; 113 Pender Street; $92,000

Stephen M. Lynch to Wayne M. Gomes; 5104 W. West Creek Court; $549,000

C and M Homes LLC to Donald A. Shovely; 304 Bosley Ave.; $220,500

Michael Lee Griffin to Alan Bain; 8433 Short Lane; $70,000

Zee Associates LLC to ESDP LLC; 633 N. Main St.; $1,475,000

Laurie B. Newsome to John B. Robertson; 608 Turlington Road; $70,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jason M. Torres; 254 Craftsman Circle; $156,000

John W. McDonough to Dennis L. Young; 112 Castle Court; $225,000