How can Christians support Trump?

Published 8:58 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2016

To the editor:

In church on Sunday, we read in unison a prayer of confession, which said, in part, “We have been selfish in our desires and quarrelsome in our relationships. We have allowed fear to divide us from those who seem different, and let distrust separate us from our brothers and sisters. Shine your light into our darkened hearts. Save us from our divisive ways.”

I think this is a profound and meaningful prayer.
Recently, some very high-profile Christians have expressed support for Donald Trump. This is puzzling when I reflect on Christian values and what being a Christian or acting “Christ-like” means.

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Donald Trump seems to represent the exact opposite of those Christian values. He is a person who values to the extreme money, power and fame; he has been married many times; he is an admitted adulterer; he brags about groping women; he apparently gives nothing to charity (we don’t know for sure since he won’t release his tax returns); he is greedy; he is a misogynist; and the list goes on and on.

Donald Trump is a sinner, as are we all. The Bible teaches us that God forgives sinners when they repent from their sins and try their best to sin no more.

Trump won’t even admit his sins, let alone repent.

I would be very interested in how these Christian leaders square this with their support for him.

Richard Vroman