Election offices ready for a smooth day

Published 10:22 pm Friday, November 4, 2016

To the editor:

The Voter Registrars Association of Virginia would like to assure every Virginian that your local election professionals are hard at work across the Commonwealth to ensure that all voters are able to cast their ballots with confidence.

Your local election offices are working hard to make your voting experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.

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Whether you vote in person on Election Day or need an absentee ballot, the election professionals in your local election office are there to make sure your ballot is cast and counted the way you intend.

Your local election offices have thoroughly tested and secured all voting equipment in your locality to ensure that every voting machine accurately counts your ballot.

Local election offices train tens of thousands of Virginia citizens to administer the 2,432 polling places that will be open on Election Day. The officers of election are your friends and neighbors. These citizens are trained to ensure the laws are followed and that voters are able to freely exercise their right to vote.


Your local election office is staffed with trained election professionals to answer your election questions. We have information concerning your ballot, your polling places and the voting equipment in use. Your election office staff are members of your community and want nothing more than to run a high-integrity, honest and transparent election.

See you at the polls!

Tracy D. Howard

General Registrar