Campaigns raise, spend in countdown

Published 7:51 pm Saturday, November 5, 2016

With the election now less than a week away, local candidates have increased fundraising and spending as of late.

This story covers activity in September and October, through Oct. 26. Two contributions reported by Mayor Linda T. Johnson, who is running for re-election, on Oct. 28 and Oct. 30 have also been reported. They were required under a rule that candidates must immediately report large pre-election donations.

Johnson is by far the candidate with the most cash on hand going into the election. She has more than $32,000 on hand.

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Several candidates spent hefty amounts in the waning days of the campaign on mailers. Johnson spent more than $10,000 on a mailer.

Her closest challenger, by way of cash, is Kerry Holmes, who has about $4,100.

The borough race with the most activity is the Sleepy Hole Borough, where incumbent Roger Fawcett faces a challenge from Raymond Batton. The two have nearly $9,500 on hand combined, and both spent thousands on mailers.

In the Whaleyville Borough, incumbent Curtis Milteer has more than $8,800 on hand but did little raising or spending in the most recent reporting cycles. He had more than $7,000 in his campaign account when the 2016 campaign began.

All numbers have been rounded to the nearest dollar.



Brian Bass

Itemized contributions

Lou Ellen Bass, $300

Civic Spirit LLC, $300

Shawn Felts, $250

Amy Henry, $200

Treasured Memories, $1,000

Tri-City Developers, $500

Samuel Bass, $500

Robert Harrell, $500

Treasured Memories, $41


Facebook, promoting campaign, $169

Economy Printing, printing, $363

Economy Printing, printing, $442

USPS, postage, $14

Walmart, supplies, $67

Alzheimer’s, donation, $25

Economy Printing, printing, $1,000

Economy Printing, printing, $500

Economy Printing, printing, $530

Suffolk Rotary, promoting campaign, $210

Economy Printing, printing, $382

Suffolk News-Herald, advertising, $45

Facebook, promoting, $118

Suffolk News-Herald, advertising, $165

Economy Printing, printing, $223

Economy Printing, printing, $508

Cash on hand — $360.53


Kerry Holmes

Itemized contributions

  1. Dove, $300

Paul Gottlieb, $200

Chris Hauser, $250

Patricia Holmes, $500

J.F. Newhard, $200

Civic Spirit LLC, $300


ICY Designs, graphic design, $1,010

UPrinting Company, print materials, $4,012

ICY Designs, photography, $900

ICY Designs, web support, $1,300

U.S. Postal Service, postage, $800

Cash on hand — $4,093


Linda T. Johnson

Itemized contributions

James C. Adams, $250

  1. Robert and Cindy Aston, $5,000

Charnell Blair, $250

George Blair, $250

Glenn R. and Chelle L. Davis, $250

Frances B. Duman, $200

Alex Hedger, $250

Marie and Mary Hill, $300

  1. Aston and Meredith Lewis Jr., $250

Douglas C. and Mary Jane Naismith, $200

Eric and Shirley Sasser, $1,000

Melissa Venable, $250
Arima Health, $1,000

Akhil Jain, $2,500

Michael Kerner, $300

Charles and Kim Parr, $500

R&J Motel Management, $2,000

Diane and Ronnie Rountree, $500

John P. Wright, $3,000


Mark Weiss Associates, freight bill, $301

Suffolk News-Herald, ads, $3,000

Suffolk Education Association, advertising, $150

Garnett Embroidery, shirts and printing, $595

Creative Direct, campaign materials, $2,000

Creative Direct, mailer, $10,871

The Franklin Johnston Group, $3,000 (Oct. 28

James Harrell, $500 (Oct. 30)

Cash on hand — $32,780


Charles Scott Sr.

No itemized contributions

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $45


Geral “Bishop” Staten

No itemized contributions

No expenditures

Cash on hand — $3,165


Nansemond Borough

Ben Fitzgerald III

Itemized contributions

Arthur Kirk, $500

Expenditures, web hosting, $16

Paypal, fee, $15

Gotprint, campaign postcard, $175

SunTrust, bank service fee, $12

Cash on hand — $295


Lue Ward Jr.

Itemized contributions

Spruill for House, $150


Johnnie Edwards, literature drop, $75

Johnnie Edwards, campaign advisor, $250

Economy Printing, door knockers/signs, $800

OfficeMax, supplies, $31

Johnnie Edwards, campaign advisor, $250

Suffolk Happenings, advertising, $300

Johnnie Edwards, door knockers, $200

Johnnie Edwards, worker meals, $25

Loretta Lomax, ad design, $55

Johnnie Edwards, workers, $90

Johnnie Edwards, workers, $200

Johnnie Edwards, workers, $115

Loretta Lomax, ad design, $50

Johnnie Edwards, workers, $320

Suffolk Happenings, advertising, $175

VSG Signs, $160

Cash on hand — $186


Sleepy Hole Borough

Raymond Batton III

Itemized contributions

Batford Franchising 1 LLC, $1,456

Raymond Dewey Batton, $49

Raymond Dewey Batton, $2,912

Tower 112 LLC, $500

Pond for Sheriff, $300


Harambee Communications, newspaper, $400

Harriette Albritton, worker, $80

Lorrie Tripplrtt, worker, $800

Innovative Advertising LLC, mailer, $2,287

Harambee Communications, canvassers, $1,000

Cash on hand — $4,081


Roger Fawcett

Itemized contributions

James Bento, $250

Chestnut One LLC, $500

Peterson, Olivieri, Napolitano Interests LLC, $100

Westview Auto Service Center Inc., $500
Feyer Ford and Lincoln Inc., $250


City of Suffolk, Taste of Suffolk Tent, $50

WKQA Radio, advertisements, $300

Amber Wyatt, website design and updates, $119

Suffolk Education Foundation, golf tournament hole sponsor, $150

Creative Direct LLC, design/print/mail 3,500 mailers, $3,200

Creative Direct LLC, design/print/mail, $2,500

Cash on hand — $5,408


Whaleyville Borough

LaTroy Brinkley

Itemized contributions

Chris Dove, $200

Civic Spirit, $300


Vistaprint, print media, $250

Lowe’s, sign hardware, $37

Walmart, sign hardware, $46

Family Dollar, volunteer items, $24

Suffolk News-Herald, advertising, $220

Vistaprint, print media, $208

Lowe’s, sign hardware, $38

Walmart, volunteer items, $28

Cash on hand — $1,091


  1. Harold Faulk

Itemized contributions

  1. Harold Faulk, $1,320


Copico, making of signs, $647

Copico, making of cards, $83

Copico, set up for signs, $66

Cash on hand — $649


Vanessa Harris

No itemized contributions


Farmers Bank, campaign signs, $1,167

Farmers Bank, net service charge, $5

Farmers Bank, extra small campaign signs, large campaign signs, $718

Farmers Bank, net service charge, $5

Cash on hand — $517


Curtis Milteer

No itemized contributions


Suffolk News-Herald, ad, $260

Cash on hand — $8,836