Good police work, officer

Published 7:49 pm Saturday, November 5, 2016

There are many police officers in Suffolk who are deserving of the community’s praise. In fact, it is hardly a stretch to suggest that the vast majority of the city’s men and women in blue are selfless community servants committed to making Suffolk a better place.

But one officer stood out from the pack when the Greater Hampton Roads Crime Lines honored police officers from around the region during the organization’s annual banquet earlier this year. And it likely came as little surprise to those who work with Officer Josie Hall that she was quick to share the honor with the others with whom she serves in the Suffolk Police Department.

“I feel like it was more of a team effort,” Hall said in a recent interview. “We work as an entire unit together. I want everyone to be able to be recognized. If it wasn’t for everyone working together, I wouldn’t have been able to be honored.”

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That statement reflects the kind of camaraderie that helps Suffolk’s police force make such a positive impact on the city.

But Hall would have every right to take pride in the honor. Though she is pursuing a master’s degree in elementary education from Liberty University, Hall has gone all-in for police work. And the results have been outstanding.

In one case in October 2015, she responded to a theft from a motor vehicle involving stolen electronics. One of the electronics had a GPS tracking device, and she activated it and discovered the device was in Newport News. She contacted Newport News, and police there discovered three suspects sitting in the vehicle with the stolen property. It was found the vehicle was stolen from York County.

While she was working the same rash of thefts, Hall and other officers discovered a marijuana grow operation in a home. Officers also found peyote and ecstasy during their search.

She also helped catch a suspicious man lurking outside a fast food restaurant, who was later identified as a suspect in a rash of robberies in the city.

Good police work, officer. We’re glad you’re out there protecting us.