Look good, feel good?

Published 10:21 pm Thursday, November 10, 2016

Does the way we dress affect our level of success? Some students and faculty at Lakeland High School hope so, and they’re out to prove it this year.

The school’s Cavalier Male Mentoring Program has challenged its participants to set an example for the rest of the school this year, setting up “Well-Dressed Wednesdays” as a rallying point for the effort.

The ultimate goal is to have every male in the building wearing a tie and a belt. Administrators hope the program will encourage self esteem and promote a positive school culture.

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Significantly, the effort has expanded beyond the school’s population of males.

“We didn’t just want it to be the guys,” Assistant Principal Tina Paul said this week. “We wanted it to be the entire building, including faculty and staff. I love to see the faculty excited about it, because the kids will be excited, too.”

The program has received support from the community. The Alpha Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity donated more than 350 ties, as well as some belts and other items, for students who would not be able to participate otherwise. The Epsilon Iota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the Suffolk Police Department have also made donations.

The effort has also received support from within the school, as students in the hospitality, tourism and recreation program have volunteered to iron shirts and separate ties by color so students who want to join the effort to elevate their wardrobes can find donated ties that match their shirts.

Paul said she is pleased with the participation and excitement the project has inspired in the school community.

“Usually, when we look good, we feel good,” she said.

It certainly is a good place to start.