Maintain tradition with respect

Published 6:54 pm Saturday, November 19, 2016

Deer hunting season in Virginia officially began on Saturday. For newcomers to Western Tidewater, this is a necessary practice. Simply put, deer can be pests, and destructive ones at that, when it comes to crops and gardens for example. In addition to reducing their numbers, the period in which to legally hunt the animals is a tradition that goes back and back and back.

One thing that makes this time an important part of our culture is the fact that it enables families to bond. Fathers and sons and wives and daughters can participate. The family that hunts together stays together.

Let’s not forget that many people hunt out of necessity in order to put food on the table. Certainly, we don’t begrudge that of anyone.

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As always, non-hunters should be watchful as they drive along the country roads. Be on the lookout for deer that might jump into the road as they are simply moving about or being hunted.

Hunters, we know you know your rules about wearing blaze orange and being trained in handling firearms. But it always bears repeating to be mindful of other people’s property as you and your dogs go in pursuit of your quarry.

Happy hunting.