Protect commonwealth’s hunting interests

Published 9:51 pm Monday, November 28, 2016

To the editor:

Across the United States and around the world, climate change poses an increasingly dire threat to wildlife, communities and public health.

Changes to our climate are destroying critical wildlife habitat, causing habitat ranges to shift, increasing incidence of pests and invasive species, decreasing available food and water, changing the chemistry of the ocean and increasing the rate of species’ extinction.

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From endangered species protection and threats to the hunting industry, the Trump administration could change much about how the United States protects wildlife in Virginia and globally.

Trump’s questioning whether or not climate change is real poses a significant threat to humans. The National Wildlife Federation has stated that, “Climate change poses a direct threat to outdoor recreation, hunting, and fishing as droughts, wildfires and higher temperatures impact fisheries and outdoor activities across the country.”

If we don’t take decisive action now to reduce carbon pollution, one third of all wildlife species will face increased risk of extinction in the lifetime of a child born today.

Thankfully, Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his administration will continue to protect Virginia’s most precious resources through Executive Order 57.

It is imperative — now, more than ever — that we urge Molly Ward, the secretary of natural resources to put forth a plan fit for the commonwealth to protect wildlife habitats as climate change poses great threats to outdoor recreation and the hunting industry in Virginia.

Maria Davis

Hampton Roads Sportsmen Organizer

Virginia Conservation Network