Land Transfers for Nov. 23 – Dec. 1

Published 7:27 pm Saturday, December 3, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Nov. 23 – Dec. 1

Sadler Building Corporation to John S. Gray; 4304 Edgewater Water Lane; $375,000

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Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Karina Caswell-Jackson; 109 Bowman Drive; $376,306

Christopher S. Hoagland to Che J. Jacobs; 205 Spoon Court; $400,000

Johnny M. Parker to William D. Bertone; 4490 Chatham Road; $350,000

Rayford E. Butler to Matthew T. Slemp; 181 Kings Highway; $187,500

Terry/Peterson Residential to Wayne J. Pickett; 1015 Boundary Drive; $257,910

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Antonio Simmons; 401 Pleasant St.; $21,500

Cedar Homes LLC to Brenda Lynn Stevens; 212 Duke St.; $144,900

Beth F. Trimble to Adam R. Henderson; 116 Pitchkettle Point Circle; $370,000

Scott G. Cozart to Llyod G. Saye; 6770 Burbage Lake Circle; $234,000

James J. Dudgeon to Jonathan Richardson; 5045 Bennetts Pasture Road; $245,000

Edward P. Williams to Ivan Malcom Davis; 3508 Fontwell Court; $287,400

Gregory T. McCain to Mark W. Yates; 9500 North River Road; $570,000

Beverly H. Walkup to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 2209 Stuart Ave.; $100,300

Anette Maria Perez Barrera to ECCDH LLC; 8941 River Crescent; $269,300

Antonios G. Shinas to Ronald A. DeAngelis; 319 Spruce St.; $3,000

Daniel J. Eads to Lien Thi Tran; 122 Squire Reach; $130,300

Darryl M. Katrancha to Elizabeth L. Macdonald; 5149 Townpoint Road; $158,000

Shannon L. Wolfe to Dylan Wesley Lukes; 6108 Whaleyville Blvd.; $154,900

Matthew C. Bunce to Nicholas S. Turner; 6400 Wet Marsh Court; $227,000

Mark Louis Palaszewski to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.; 11 Hickory Lane; $1

David M. Ciborowski to Dayton E. Swann; 139 Hillside Ave.; $258,000

Antonio G. Shinas to Ronald A. DeAngelis; No address given; $3,000

Kelly M. Paxton to Gregory Alan Cates; 5137 Harbor Road; $320,000

Evelyn M. Roane to Philip K. Rougeux; 0 Gates Road; $37,300

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Gregory Bivins; 2126 Piedmont Road; $264,000

Kathy A. Cupp to Kristin R. Richter; 8180 S. Quay Road; $310,500

Terry Peterson Residential to David V. Jensen; 2249 Humphreys Drive; $201,720

Rodger K. Jones to Eric Lee Tyson; 117 Niblick Circle; $359,000

Fannie Mae to Evan Miller; 151 Rabney Road; $265,000

Larry Chavis to 3730 LLC; 3690 Pruden Blvd.; $269,900

Chavis LLC to 3730 LLC; 3730 Pruden Blvd.; $896,300

Erik P. Simon to Mary Gardner; 122 Rabey Farm Road; $239,000

Todd D. Riley to Daniel J. Roseman; 4492 Chatman Road; $325,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Aldolfo E. Viezca; 105 Bowman Drive; $321,633

BCS Homes LLC to Terry L. Hinton; 202 Bennetts Grove Lane; $336,925

Chad P. Adams to Timothy Dodge Jr.; 3507 Lingfield Cove; $275,000

Wallace R. Boyce to Barbara P. Wool; 494 E. Glen Haven Drive; $240,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Jovon D. Stafford; 100 Karen Lane; $316,359

Jeffrey R. Barone to Dakina M. Frederick; 211 Water Pointe Way; $267,000

Bennie A. Jones to Cody E. Roberts; 5102 Kings Grant Circle; $248,000

Donald L. Hardaway to Jason W. Wright; 309 Saint Brie West; $268,500

Amy Archibald to Christopher E. Leggett; 9345 Eclipse Drive; $170,245

Niketa Knight to Teresa S. Rollins; 2032 Sweetwood Drive; $279,900

Navy Federal Credit Union to Sullivan R. Morabito Sr.; 3409 Archers Mill Road; $240,000

Deutsche Bank National to Bluebird LLC; 105 North 10th St.; $10,500

Sadler Building Corporation to Michael J. Bailey; 4511 Shannon Lane; $530,203

Mary S. Joyner to Hugh A. West; 211 Staley Drive; $155,000

David G. Carroll to James L. Monds; 7416 Holy Neck Road; $115,000

Bur-di Corporation to Sybil Renee Prew; 3514 Lingfield Cove; $285,300

Fannie Mae to Qunedas Smith; 812 Resource Driv; $190,000

Current Homes LLC to Cheryl P. Drayton; 104 Ashford Drive; $216,000