Love of the game motivates Autrey

Published 6:33 pm Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nansemond River High School’s Briana Autrey was voted Duke Automotive-Suffolk News-Herald Player of the Week after notching a triple-double in the first week of the season for the Lady Warriors.

Briana Autrey is a junior and the point guard for the Nansemond River girls’ basketball team. She put up an incredible performance against Hickory High School in Nansemond River’s first game of the season. A triple-double is hard to come by on any level, and Autrey was able to accomplish it.

“It feels great being recognized by my peers, teammates, family members and community,” Autrey said. “This gives me a lot of confidence to work harder and become a better player.”

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Against Hickory, she had 10 points, 13 steals and 10 rebounds. During the game, Autrey had no idea she was on her way to posting a triple-double. She just wanted to play hard.

“I had no idea I had a triple-double,” she said. “It was the first game. I was a little nervous because of that. But I played through it and did whatever it took for the team to win.”

Defense is something Autrey takes to heart, and it shows in the 13 steals she posted. Ever since she was little, she always loved to play defense, and it has stuck with her through the years.

In the next game, against Oscar Smith High School, she added 17 points in a victory.

Autrey gets better by listening to her coaches, she said. When her coaches talk, she listens. She knows that nothing her coaches tell her is to harm her.

She also works at her physical fitness. As a basketball player, any chance Autrey can get out and run, she is taking it. At the same time, she knows when to slow down and set something up for her team.

Her goal coming into the season was just to help the Lady Warriors out any way she could. She knew that she had to elevate her game to give the team chances to win.

Of course, Autrey wants to win a championship. The Lady Warriors are currently 4-0 and look as if they are improving game by game. Although Autrey is a just a junior, she tries to push the younger players to break bad habits and create positive habits.

Autrey will be the first to tell you that the love of the game is all she needs.

“The love I have for the game in unreal,” She said. “Basketball is the one thing that I know will be there when I feel like all else is failing.”

Autrey takes pride in having her mother in her corner. She inspires her daily.

“Whatever happens, I know she is always in my corner,” Autrey said. “She is my biggest fan, but at the same time, she will keep it real with me no matter what. She is a very hard working woman and would give someone her last penny if they asked for it.”

When Autrey is not on the court, her head is in the books. She is in AP and honors courses, so that consumes much of her time. However, if she does have time on her hands, she likes to hang out with her friends.

Catch Autrey and the Lady Warriors in action Tuesday against Western Brach at Nansemond River. The game will start at 7:15 p.m.