Another month for Main Street

Published 10:39 pm Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Suffolk Department of Public Works has a message for those frustrated with the roadwork on North Main Street.

“Pray for warm weather,” said Sherry Earley of the Public Works Department.

The project schedule shows an anticipated completion date of Jan. 16, but that’s very dependent on the weather, Earley said.

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“The final paving may be delayed depending on weather,” Earley said.

The construction has been ongoing for several weeks and is associated with the Meridian Obici apartments.

The work includes a new traffic signal, crosswalks, turn lanes, a raised median with landscaping, curb and gutter and a storm drain, Earley said.

Lane closures associated with the work have snarled traffic on North Main Street, and even around the corner on Godwin Boulevard, for weeks.

“Just bear with us and be patient, and we hope we will be finished shortly,” Earley said.

She said folks should pray for warm weather, because the temperature has to be 42 degrees and rising to put pavement down.

The work was somewhat delayed last month, when the contractor, Shamrock Construction, laid down a brick crosswalk that was not even with the road surface, according to Earley. Drivers were forced to slow almost to a stop to traverse the bricks.

“That was an error on the contractor’s part, related to some survey points they worked off of,” Earley said. “Only after they got it installed did they realize their mistake.”

The contractor redid the brick crosswalk, and construction inspector Farris Cereske said it’s now much better.

“There’s not much of an issue with the bumps now, which has really eased our traffic,” he said.

Earley said lane closures will change on almost a daily basis from now until the project is done.

While the contractor hopes to be completed by Jan. 16, the final paving could take longer depending on weather.

But, Earley added, if all the rest of the work is done, the lanes will be opened so vehicles can traverse the coarse base pavement without having to merge.