Land transfers for Dec. 9-15

Published 7:07 pm Saturday, December 17, 2016

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.


Dec. 9-15

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BCS Homes LLC to Timothy W. Rigsby; 207 Bennetts Grove Lane; $338,605

Anthony Thompson to John Stanley Robinson; 2125 Brians Lane; $334,900

Franklin L. Jester to Debra A. Fennell; 1117 Custis Road; $134,900

Tammie R. Elliot to Roland C. Taylor Jr.; 3524 Robs Drive; $230,500

Stephanie A. Lamb to Shane T. Byrne; 2704 Wwaters Edge Lane; $208,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Aron Porter; 4000 Breeze Port Way; $288,750

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Pamela T. Wright; 6023 Newington Place; $227,900

Timothy Gaines to Javert Matthis; 106 Kennet Drive; $270,000

Nicole K. Taylor to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 7236 Arrington St.; $64,531.74

Jeffrey Barrett to Britten Weaver; 108 N. Fifth St.; $12,000

TerryPeterson Residential Eleven to Donald R. Benbow; 1019 Boundary Drive; $255,700

Fannie Mae to Alexander M. Holloway; 122 Wexford Drive E.; $130,000

Basnight Kinser Leftwich and Nuckolls to Hugh A. West; 7637 S. Quay Road; $110,000

Shawn B. Kase to Kenneth B. Ogle; 3720 Bridlepath Lane; $272,500

Raney O. Ranay to Brian Caldwell; 112 Benham Court; $257,500

Par 3 Development Group LLC to RGH Newport LLC; 3 acres in Chuckatuck; $1,755,934

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Don J. Hill; 426 Highland Ave.; $146,400

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Ivan T. Pate Jr.; 5005 Breleigh Lane; $233,900

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Geneva M. Bowlin; 6013 Newington Place; $230,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Douglas E. Nsubuga; 105 Karen Lane; $325,084

Fannie Mae to John Gosford; 183 Little Fork Road; $230,000

Housing Hampton Roads Inc. to Kristy M. Boone; 904 Lake Kennedy Drive; $177,450

BCS Homes LLC to Antwan Tillman; 211 Bennetts Grove Lane; $342,445

John F. Kubricky to Matthew R. Coughlin; 1043 Boundary Drive; $260,000

Leonora J. Johnson to Douglas W. Black; 5121 Warrington Drive; $305,000

Daniel L. Donnelly to Daniel R. Nesbitt Jr.; 4409 Clifton St.; $220,000

Edward Taylor to James White; 256 Burnetts Way; $135,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cedar Homes LLC; 5037 Bay Circle; $193,400

CMH Homes Inc. to Mark Grant; 3761 Adams Swamp Road; $210,000

Terence D. Perry to Federal National Mortgage Association; 149 Berkshire Blvd.; $226,990.15

Maurice E. Johnson to Maurice E. Johnson; 1565 Manning Road; $10

Benjamin J. McClellan to Tinh Pham; 6227 Glenrose Drive; $230,300

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 4006 Michael Drive; $85,700

HG Development Finance II Land LLC to Wirth Holdings LLC; 3006 Dawn Lane; $85,700

Susan C. Sites Evans to Jane L. Meeks; 4908 Fennell Court; $250,000

Kristin P. Harris to Jacob Lineberry; lot 5 plat of Lake Meade Point; $43,200

Dontarius Boone to Alan Shira; 550 Second Ave.; $202,100

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to John Kowalski IV; 5007 Breleigh Lane; $229,000

ACS Fairgrounds LLC to Kimberly E. Bentley; 141 Hall Ave.; $144,653

  1. Michael Dail to Stephanie Russell; 403 Great Oak Court; $356,000