Kids give back to firefighters

Published 10:16 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Suffolk Fire & Rescue is there all year long in times of need, so a local family decided to use the holiday season as an opportunity to give back to them.

Ishaan Bhende, 4, and his 7-year-old brother, Vedant, paid a special visit to Suffolk Fire & Rescue Station 5 on Friday, according to a city press release.

For all of his birthdays, Ishaan’s family has encouraged family and friends to give to others in lieu of gifts for Ishaan. It started with giving gifts to the nurses at the hospital where he was born. This year, the family chose to give to the firefighters at Station 5.

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Ishaan’s brother, Vedant, was a graduate of this summer’s Suffolk Fire & Rescue Fire and Life Safety Camp at Station 5. Their mother, Priyanka, said the camp left a lasting impression on Vedant, who wanted to say thanks to the firefighters.

Along with gift cards for the firefighters, the family provided smoke detectors for the staff to give out to the community during their outreach efforts.

These gifts brought smiles and heartfelt gratitude from the firefighters at Station 5.

“In the fire department and the police as well, we see so many bad things,” Lt. Jeremy Gould said. “Through the years of doing this job, you have an opportunity to see so many good things as well. This is definitely one of those good things. This young man did this with his birthday money to look out for the firefighters and just show his appreciation.”

During Ishaan and Vedant’s visit to Fire Station 5, they were given a tour of the facility, including an opportunity to sit in a fire truck and talk with the shift that was on duty.