PDCCC partners with NACCE

Published 12:22 am Saturday, December 31, 2016

Paul D. Camp Community College has joined more than 300 community colleges across the country in the effort to promote entrepreneurship within the college and the community.

“Our partnership with National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship is congruent with our focus on becoming more of a resource rather than just a service to the community,” said PDCCC President Dr. Dan Lufkin. “We are committed to improving our local economy by educating students, encouraging entrepreneurs and promoting local businesses and jobs.”

Founded in 2002 at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, Mass., The NACCE aims to create a community college culture that fosters economic vitality through entrepreneurship.

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The mindset utilizes an entrepreneurial approach based on principles supported by the research of Dr. Saras Sarasvathy, the Isidore Horween research associate professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

NACCE believes this strategic approach will help grow and retain students, which in turn can improve resource opportunities.

According to NACCE President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rebecca A. Corbin, the organization is vibrant and provides an array of professional development opportunities and access to grant funds in addition to strategic resources.

“We look forward to learning and engaging with PDCCC and other innovative institutions to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture on community college campuses across the nation,” Corbin said. “President Lufkin was an active participant in our recent national conference in Sacramento, California. He leads with an entrepreneurial mindset that is focused on serving students, faculty, staff and the community. We celebrate that spirit and encourage presidents across the country to follow this example.”

Toni Johnson, dean of occupational/technical programs and Richard Baker, industrial trades faculty member, also attended the conference.

For more information about NACCE, visit www.nacce.com.