Land transfers for Dec. 30 – Jan. 5

Published 8:27 pm Saturday, January 7, 2017

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Dec. 30, 2016 to Jan. 5, 2017

Matthew G. Dunn to Kellan A Ray, 521 Pinehurst Drive, $160,000

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Direct Resolutions LLC to Justin D. Shupert, 315 Sherwood Drive, $204,900

Paul D’Ambrosio to Ryan P. Connelly, 112 Mill Lane, $134,900

Christopher A. May to Sarah P. Knight 260 Holbrook Arch, $239,300

Richard Wilson to Stephanie A. Lamb, 5113 Wing Foot Court, $409,900

Beverly L. Harrell to David E. Rawls, 1001 Copeland Road, $50,000

Donna L. Benson Family Trust to Polk Pinewill LLC, 4444 Winona Trail, $393,100

Thelma Viola Artis Faulk to Todd A. Taft, 2815 E. Washington St., $106,000

Joshua P. Mann to Gary N. Rowe, 2017 Queens Point Drive, $234,883

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lindsey K. Brennan, $137,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Patrick Gilson, 8549 New Road, $180, 250

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to 908 Freeney Avenue LLC, 908 Freeney Ave., $20,000

US Bank National association, trustee, to Lauren K. Janney, 109 Settlers Landing Road, $369,800

Lena T. Small to Savvy Investment Properties, 215 Linden Ave., $163,400

Jefferey D. Mayes to Isiah Williams, 1009 Indian Point Road, $438,100

Cedar Homes LLC to Jerelen A. Blanton, 1488 Elderberry Road, $300,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to James C. Caperton, 3008 Dawn Lane, $393,745

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Green Expectations Inc., 8400 Pineview Road, $206,700

Alexis Jose Santiago to Shironica D. Beamon, 503 Shingle Creek Road, $142,000

Kevin F. Brooks to Matthew Gordon Dunn, 2031 Longstreet Lane, $393,000

Terry/Peterson Residential to Khadijah R. Fullwood, 5082 Kings Grant Circle, $237,740

Current Homes LLC to Jariel Walton, 2007 Jehu Street, $291,500

Richard E. Hibbett to Matthew Irvin Tennis, 3328 Sleepy Hole Road, $418,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Christopher R. Neff, 4004 Ravine Gap Drive, $330,453

Sharonda M. Curley to Crystal N. Baker, 803 Walnut Park Drive, $135,000

James H. Durden Jr. to Nathan A. Nosar, 1832 Airport Road, $255,000

Bridgeway Limited Partnership to James G. Chappell, 4111 River Park Drive, $662,400

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to R.C. Fleming Properties Inc., 3824 Nansemond Parkway, $44,350

RC Fleming Properties Inc to October Investments LLC, 3824 Nansemond Parkway, $44,350

Mibi International LLC to Patrick J. Saunders, 417 Kilby Ave., $108,000

Michael E. Fenton to James E. Bento, 9036 River Crescent, $435,000

NVR Inc. to Lakshmi Raju Mohan Muppala, 106 Patriots Walke Drive, $358,890

US Bank National Association to Francis Ezewiro, 203 Charlotte Ave., $60,700

Nana Y. Boake to Lerone Simms, 217 Waterwood Way, $249,900

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc to Christine Donovan, 6062 Newington Place, $229,900

Florine C. Cooper to Clarence E. Jackson, 631 First Ave., $75,000

Christopher Worrett to Barbara J. Smith, 134 Kristen Lane, $165,000

John C. Lumpkin to RA Lawson Corp., 1.63 acres on Route 659, $38,000

Leonard W. Lynn to Ryan A. Lindgard, 109 Pippin Drive, $255,000

US Bank NA, trustee, to JBS Properties LLC, 5808 Whaleyville Boulevard, $20,000

Aaron Rickerson to Jerry Wilson, 6661 Whaleyville Boulevard, $190,000

Beverly W. Yeoman to Alma Henry Winslow III, 4000 Lake Point Road, $75,214

Beverly W. Yeoman to Larry C. Griffin, 3948 Lake Point Road, $2,786