High-spending mayoral race

Published 8:37 pm Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Candidates for local election, especially the mayor’s race, raised and spent heavily just before and just after the November election.

Incumbent mayor Linda T. Johnson, who was re-elected, spent nearly $30,000 alone. She was in a five-way race for the mayor’s seat and took about 45 percent of the vote.

This story covers activity from Oct. 28 to Dec. 1, lasting from just before the election to nearly a month after it.

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All numbers have been rounded to the nearest dollar.


Brian Bass

Itemized contributions

Samuel Bass, $1,000

Commonwealth Vascular Institute, $750

Dwight Schaubach, $1,000


Economy Printing, yard signs, $1,943

Thelma Hinton, $300

Facebook, Facebook promotion, $118

Economy Printing, sample ballots and T-shirts, $1,239

Cash for employees, $1,650

Facebook, Facebook promotion, $250

Thelma Hinton, campaign poll worker, $500

Oliver’s Grocery, campaign lunches, $72

Cash on hand — $320

Kerry Holmes

Itemized contributions

Self, $5,000

Self, $583


ICY Designs, online advertising, $3,400

UPrinting, direct mailing materials, $5,001

Suffolk News-Herald, advertising, $275

East Coast Taco Company, catering, $1,100

Cash on hand — $0

Linda T. Johnson

Itemized contributions

Hampton Roads Realtors Association, $1,000

James Harrell, $500

Vincent J. Mastracco Jr., $1,000

Shirley and Eric Sasser, $1,000

Lawrence M. Smith, $500

The Taylor Johnston Group, $3,000


Harambee Communications, canvassing walkers, $2,500

Creative Direct, campaign materials, $18,000

Salvatore’s Pizzeria Ristorante, victory party, $1,000

Copico, handouts for polls, $356

Subway, lunch for poll workers, $425

Ricky Barnes, removal of signs, $250

Jacqueline Peebles, pollworker, $120

Shantalie Peebles, pollworker, $120

Douglas Parr, pollworker, $150

Jenny Seebo, pollworker, $120

Kamille Ward, pollworker, $120

Wayne White, pollworker, $120

Debra White, pollworker, $120

Alton White, pollworker, $120

Richard Ward, pollworker, $120

Alfred Lewis, pollworker, $120

Reginald Bivins, pollworker, $120

Ashley Cross, pollworker, $120

Malik Cross, pollworker, $120

Deidre Dildy, pollworker, $120

Garry Outlaw, pollworker, $120

John Towns, pollworker, $120

Mary Hill, poll worker and sign removal, $300

David Baker, two poll workers, $360

Joan Odom, pollworker, $240

Carrie Diggs, pollworker, $120

Patricia Artis, pollworker, $120

Gloria Diggs, pollworker, $120

Matthew W. Spencer, pollworker, $120

Donna Williamson, pollworker, $120

Joanne Skeeter, pollworker, $120

Carol Blount, pollworker, $120

Alvin Wright, pollworker, $120

Lorraine Wright, pollworker, $120

Ernest Boone, pollworker, $120

Orelaniere Saunders, pollworker, $120

BJ’s Wholesale  Club, poll boxes, $358

WKQA Radio, advertisement, $320

Tidewater Builders Association, advertising, $500

Campaign Partners Website, webpage maintenance, $300

Lowe’s of Suffolk, sign materials, $840

Hardee’s, lunches for workers, $133

Mark Weiss Associates, freight costs, $321

Walmart, precinct boxes, $173

Cash on hand — $5,834

Charles Scott Sr.

Has not filed report due Dec. 8

Geral “Bishop” Staten

No itemized contributions


Ayden’s Lab, marketing materials, $500

Facebook, ad promo, $300

Cheap Yard Signs, yard signs, $400

Walmart, fliers, $500

Travis Peebles, sign service day, $500

Norine Edwards, sign placement day, $500

Cash on hand — $465

Nansemond Borough

Ben Fitzgerald III

Has not filed report due Dec. 8

Lue Ward Jr.

Itemized contributions

Tower 112 LLC, $500


Johnnie Edwards, literature drop, $265

Johnnie Edwards, poll workers, $600

Johnnie Edwards, poll workers, $80

Cash on hand — $380

Sleepy Hole Borough

Raymond Batton III

Self, $180


Innovative Advertising LLC, $4,081

Cash on hand — $0

Roger Fawcett

Itemized contributions

Belleharbour Apartments, $500

Belleville Senior Apartments, $500

Taylor Franklin, $500

Franklin Asset Management, $500

Math Mechanical Inc., $200


Creative Direct LLC, 3,500 mailings, $6,400

Jason Fawcett, picked up, paid for and delivered food on Election Day, $500

Cash on hand — $808

Whaleyville Borough

LaTroy Brinkley

No contributions


Office Max, print media, $58

Walmart, volunteer items, $50

2 Teez Custom Printing, volunteer items, $262

Economy Printing, print media, $143

Walmart, volunteer items, $122

Cash on hand — $0

Harold Faulk

No contributions


Copico, making signs, $360

Gethsemane Baptist Church, close out of account, $289

Cash on hand — $0

Vanessa Harris

No contributions


Farmers Bank, T-shirts, campaign, decorations, $330

Farmers Bank, service charge, $5

Farmers Bank, meals for workers, $150

Cash on hand — $32

Curtis Milteer

No itemized contributions


Albert Milteer, poll worker, $105

Elizabeth Whitfield, poll worker, $105

William Collins, poll worker, $105

Sheila Bailey, poll worker, $105

Robert Clayton, poll worker, $105

Vanessa Booth, poll worker, $105

John West, poll worker, $105

Calvin Prince, poll worker, $105

Food for poll workers, $115

Postage stamps, $45

Suffolk News-Herald, advertisement, $458

Cash on hand — $7,878