Bring back Kings Highway bridge

Published 8:56 pm Wednesday, January 11, 2017

To the editor:

I saw the current 10-year plan for major improvements to the transportation infrastructure and saw no mention of replacing the Kings Highway Bridge.

I realize those who live in Bridge Point farms are not in favor, and money from the state is imperative to any such future plans. However I see us missing a great opportunity once again.

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Due to loan issues with Chesapeake Square Mall, the Western Branch Area is hurting. It no longer is the shopping area of choice for Suffolk’s bedroom communities.

We now have and should pursue an opportunity to re-link Sleepy Hole with Chuckatuck and the Godwin corridor. Doing so would open up a significant potential influx of spending as it would be more convenient to Western Branch residents than Great Bridge or Portsmouth and would have minimal impact on North Suffolk, as those shopping there have already established it as their shopping pattern of choice.

The bridge would also link two Suffolk communities that would mutually benefit from one another, as they once did.

Louis Bagley