Suffolk native writes third book

Published 9:06 pm Friday, January 27, 2017

A Suffolk native recently published her third book, following a female character from her second book into a new chapter of her life.

Viola M. Robinson-Boone, who writes under the pen name V.M. Roberts, said she is excited for readers to learn how her character develops.

“I am trying to develop a series of books with the Noble character,” she said. “The first book takes her through a series of events with her family, where she is trying to balance her life and balance her responsibilities with them. In ‘Noble Retreat,’ she takes a step back, examines what she did for her family, and decides to put them on the back burner and do something for herself.”

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Robinson-Boone published “Memoirs of a Girl from Suffolk” in May 2010. Her first novel, “Noble Interruptions,” was published in April 2015.



She lives in Howard County, Md., and has worked in the health care industry for 31 years. But writing is her passion, she said.

She was first inspired to write by Ms. Earl, her fourth-grade teacher at East Suffolk Elementary School. She recalls her school days and what it was like to grow up on Fifth Street in her first book.

Boone said this book was easier for her than her previous books, as many of the characters were already developed. She said she writes whenever and wherever she gets the urge to write, even if she has to compose a scene in her head at the time and write or type it later.

“It’s a really exciting time period right now for me putting these books together,” she said.

In the second book about Noble, she discovers she has family members she doesn’t know about that are from Suffolk.

“She wants to venture into that area of her life, because her biological father lives in Suffolk, and she has siblings in Suffolk,” Robinson-Boone said. “However, her stepfather is not happy about that, and you’re going to see some drama.”

The character spends a lot of time in downtown Suffolk in this book and the upcoming third book on Noble, Robinson-Boone said.

“This is a really exciting time period for Noble right now,” the author said. “She’s going to come out of her shell, and she’s going to get more assertive with the people in her life. She can’t just let people to continue to take advantage of her.”

Robinson-Boone said she thinks people from Suffolk will enjoy the book, because they will be able to recognize the scene. They may even get inspired to make their dreams come true, she said.

“They may have aspirations to do something, whether it’s playing basketball, acting, becoming a chef — be encouraged, go out and do something that you have a dream about doing,” she said.

She is currently working on the third book, “The Sincerity of Noble Zachary.”

The books can be purchased on Amazon or from Infinity Publishing.