It’s time to stop bashing Trump

Published 8:32 pm Saturday, January 28, 2017

To the editor:

I just sat down and read Peter Funt’s article in the Jan. 28 edition of your paper. I feel somewhat compelled to chime in with my own opinion.

I’m simply amazed at the ongoing media bashing of our newly elected president. Admittedly, I’ve never been a fan of Donald Trump through the years. I never watched him on television, and through the years I have raised my eyebrows over some articles I’ve read concerning him.
All throughout the campaign process, he made statements that I didn’t care for and was personally disappointed in. But I watched as he surrounded himself with savvy and articulate people. When he selected Mike Pence, a follower of Christ, as his running mate, I was very thankful.

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He’s continued to make, in my opinion, solid selections for his cabinet. I see in his presidency the hope and encouragement our country desperately need after all that we’ve struggled through in recent years.

The president certainly, like all of us, has his struggles, but I see a man with a love for our county and a seemingly fledgling love for God that I’m so thankful for.
The dark slant from the liberal media is cold and calculating. We all get it wrong often, but as a country it’s imperative we give our newly elected president our prayers and encouragement.

If not, we all will be certain to continue to pay a high and very painful price.  The disconnect and division we are experiencing in our beloved nation is born form hatred, and God is not in that at all.

If we as a nation choose hate, then I believe God will give us over to that, according to the Bible.

My prayers for all concerned will continue going forward. May God continue to bless America and may, gradually, America in turn bless God.
Phil Lilly