The nightmare is ending

Published 10:11 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2017

To borrow from the remarks of Gerald Ford, upon being sworn in as president following the resignation of Richard M. Nixon from that office: Our fellow Suffolkians, the long local nightmare is almost over.

This week could mark the final days of interminable delays and long lines of traffic on North Main Street in front of the new Meridian Obici apartment complex. If the weather cooperates, roadway improvements that were necessary as a result of development of that property could be finished by the weekend.

Those improvements have stretched on for months, having faced delays because of weather, mistakes and, frankly, poor planning on the part of city officials, who failed either to recognize or to account for the snarled traffic that would result from the construction activities.

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There is still some paving to be done, but officials hope it can be completed before the weather turns against the project late this week, and activation of the new signal at the entrance to the apartment community could still be delayed, but the end is in sight.

All we can say about this development is hallelujah. And we think that simple statement echoes the thoughts of many in Suffolk who have lost countless hours stuck in traffic there.