Man pleads to forgery

Published 9:35 pm Friday, February 3, 2017

A Suffolk man pleaded guilty to five counts earlier this week after using his cousin’s name when he was arrested in Suffolk last September.

Buddy Dewayne Rison gave police a cousin’s name and other information when he was arrested in Suffolk last year. He then signed a legal rights advice form, bond sheets and fingerprint cards with his cousin’s name.

“He used the name of his cousin, unfortunately, and then one of the family members called and indicated the person you have is not (the cousin), it’s Buddy Rison, and the dominoes started to fall,” prosecutor Vaughn Breedlove said on Friday. “This could have resulted in (the cousin) potentially having some problems, so we have to address it criminally.”

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Police say Rison gave his cousin’s name when he was arrested in Suffolk on Sept. 7 last year. They had received a call about a suspicious person in a parking lot and “saw obvious signs of drug use and possession,” Maj. Gerald Brandsasse said last October.

Rison was able to give his cousin’s full name, address and date of birth. Police couldn’t see the driver’s license photo to compare it with the man standing in front of them, so they arrested him under his cousin’s name.

Rison pleaded guilty on Thursday to three felony counts of forging public records and two misdemeanor counts, one of falsely identifying himself to a law enforcement officer and one of identity theft.

He also faces revocation proceedings on a 2013 charge of possession of heroin.

Three additional felony counts of forging public records were not prosecuted. He was indicted on the charges last month.

Rison will be sentenced on May 1.