Patrons enjoy new library space

Published 9:54 pm Thursday, February 9, 2017

A local library changed the layout of its books and furniture to make more space, and visitors are already enjoying the new design.

The North Suffolk Library spent three days and about $3,500 in November to reorganize the entrance, along with the “Children’s Collection” and the “Computers & More” wings. These changes include new signs for directing visitors and more space for organized events.

The first obvious change is a new slant board for information regarding community events. The board is next to the book depository windows, below a wall-mounted television that displays a map of the building.

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There is also a space for visitors to share their thoughts on the library’s year-long “Big Idea Initiative.”

“It’s to help inspire people in the community to turn their ideas into realities,” Suffolk Public Library Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator Angie Sumner said.

The child’s play area was moved to the front of the “Children’s Collection” wing, allowing better supervision by parents and staff. Furniture throughout the building has been moved and carefully coordinated toward the same efficiency.

The new signs are lettered in bold white font against blue backgrounds. They guide visitors through the library’s new layout, whether they’re exploring for the first time or they’re regular readers.

Seating is now closer to available wall outlets for electronic devices, and roving desks are available for staff to use along with their iPads.

“We wanted to improve the flow of the building, by making the furniture work for us,” Manager of Library Locations Alicia Phinney said.

The Western, science-fiction and other unique categories that divided all fiction books in the “Computers & More” wing were reorganized into one general “Fiction” section. Patrons can now look based solely on author name and not the genre.

Desktop computers in the same room are now in the center of the space, which allows for much more multipurpose community space for people to enjoy.

The library had its Big Idea Fair recently in the “Computers & More” wing, and with the new space available thanks to the reorganization, more than 50 people were able to enjoy part of the event comfortably in a previously constricted community space.

“It gave us a good visual at how the new space can be used,” Sumner said.