Work together to make nation great

Published 8:49 pm Wednesday, February 15, 2017

To the editor:

I would like to share some advice with liberal Democrats regarding the 2016 election: You LOST, so now please man up and get over it.

Our country is in trouble from within and from without, and we need you on our team.

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I honestly have not seen such childishness as the behavior of those people who have been bashing and working against President Trump from Day One.

Stop it.

The American people sent a strong, overwhelming message to Washington, D.C, that they were sick and tired of business as usual and they were tired of watching the last eight years of a failed presidency: twenty trillion dollars in debt, our foreign policy in shambles; adversaries who no longer fear or respect the United States; a stagnant economy; and millions of illegals in our country that have absolutely no right to be here.

It almost appears that many of these Democrats would rather see our nation dissolve, rather than work together with Republicans to somehow pay our national debt, create a stronger economy, stop the flow of illegals across our borders and rebuild our decimated military to ensure the safety of our citizens.

Can they not just come to grips that the Democrat Party has lost the election, plain and simple, and move on from there? Why not get onboard now, and together we can truly make our country great again?

For those who choose not to accept the reality that we have a new president and choose not to rally behind him, they should keep in mind that America might just remember them in November 2018.

God bless one and all, and God bless America.

Ed Fancher