A fix for this intersection is overdue

Published 9:44 pm Tuesday, February 21, 2017

To the editor:

It appears that the city is beginning, after many complaints from its citizens, to work to ease a very serious traffic issue at the intersection of Nansemond Parkway and Wilroy Road.

Another major traffic issue that the city has yet to address, despite years of community complaints, is the fact that there is still no traffic signal installed at the intersection of Nansemond Parkway and Bennetts Pasture Road.

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On a daily basis, with the heavy volume of traffic on Nansemond Parkway, citizens literally put their lives on the line trying to enter and exit that intersection.

During the past several years, there have been many accidents (some resulting in deaths) or near-accidents in that area.

Nansemond River High School, where there are many young and inexperienced drivers, is only two blocks away from this very dangerous intersection.

It is time for the city to relieve the community of this traffic nightmare.

Michael Jones