Land Transfers for Feb. 17-23

Published 3:45 pm Saturday, February 25, 2017

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

Feb. 17-23

Allan F. Dunn Sr. to John T. Bell; 209 Stowe Drive; $347,900

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Wirth Holdings LLC to Mark D. Wiley; 4016 Michael Drive; $476,566

Rahsaan Ruch to Mosesto Hernandez; 2700 River Watch Drive; $293,000

Brian Cotnoir to Albert Lagard; 301 King Court; $219,500

John Steven Waddell to Barbara H. Lawson; 5106 Bayport Landing; $455,000

Benjamin Plancarte-Fernandez to Chad M. Walker; 6301 Orkney Court; $265,000

John J. Martin to Art Brandriff; 5203 Ellen St.; $110,000

John J. Martin to Art Brandriff; 5021 Bay Circle; $110,000

John J. Martin to Art Brandriff; 5217 Ellen St.; $110,000

John J. Martin to Art Brandriff; 6981 Respass Beach Road; $110,000

John J. Martin to Art Brandriff; 6977 Respass Beach Road; $110,000

Gary Vaughan to Leetreona Matthews; 518 Battery Ave.; $3,300

Gary Vaughan to Leetreona Matthews; 618 Battery Ave.; $3,300

William C. Ferrell to Kalena Mayfield; 212 Jonathans Way; $249,900

Andrea Easley to Jacqueline D. Easley; 6105 Hunters Court; $149,800

Claire Leighann Wiseman to James H. Durden Jr.; 4.24 acres on Babbtown Road; $60,400

Gary H. Scott to Hugh Dilgard; 980 Cypress Chapel Road; $346,200

Fannie Mae to Anthony Cruz Jr.; 1232 Parker Drive; $199,900

Michael W. Stout to Kevin T. Keys; 6211 Winthrope Drive; $290,000

Gary Vaughan to Doris Lewter Futrell; 908 Battery Ave.; $3,300

Just Right Homes to Brenda K. Rivera; 2709 Gunston Drive; $143,150

Roman M. McClung to Christopher J. Sibille; 311 Baron Blvd.; $277,000

Hillpoint Estates North LLC to Aaron D. Loftis; 128 Jaclyn Drive; $381,492

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Amanda N. Coffin; 2133 Redgate Drive; $320,980

Bryan G. Gomer Sr. to Charles Russell Carter; 6712 Quaker Drive; $30,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Shea Lynette Darden; 7241 S. Quay Road; $68,000

Kelvin Estell to Brian Davis; 2044 Brians Lane; $242,000

Sandler at Graystone LLC to Benoit C. Palmer Jr.; 2153 Redgate Drive; $309,250

Alphin Properties LLC to Bethany D. Francavilla; 3000 Catalina Ave.; $210,000

Cecelia Guarascio to Steven B. Evans; 6818 Ivanhoe Court; $263,000

Clarence H. Brooks, special commissioner, to Donald Hill-Eley; lots 153 and 154 in West Jericho; $6,900

Stephen G. Davis to Kent A. Kussmaul; 8036 Whaleyville Blvd.; $189,000

Vallory R. Ward to Angela Ferguson; 206 N. Division St.; $60,000

Cedar Homes LLC to Kristan M. Pettiford; 3315 Burlington St.; $164,300