‘Fix a Leak Week’ this week

Published 10:02 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Are you ready to chase down leaks? Household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water annually nationwide, so each year, citizens are encouraged to hunt down the drips during Fix a Leak Week.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s ninth annual Fix a Leak Week takes place this week, but remember that you can find and fix leaks inside and outside your home to save valuable water and money all year long.

“Leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water in an average home every year — enough water to wash nearly 270 loads of laundry,” said Al Moor, city director of public utilities.

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“As a WaterSense partner, we are encouraging consumers to find and fix leaks to save water in our community.”

To help save water for future generations, citizens are urged to check, twist and replace:

4Check for leaks. Look for dripping faucets, showerheads and fixture connections. Also check for toilets with silent leaks by putting a few drops of food coloring (or dye tablets) into the tank and seeing if it appears in the bowl before you flush. Don’t forget to check irrigation systems and spigots, too.

4Twist and tighten pipe connections. To save more water without a noticeable difference in flow, twist on a WaterSense labeled faucet aerator.

4Replace the fixture if necessary. Look for WaterSense labeled models, which are independently certified to use 20 percent less water and perform as well as or better than standard models.

In many cases, fixture replacement parts pay for themselves quickly and can be installed by handy do-it-yourselfers or local plumbing professionals.

In support of Fix a Leak Week, Suffolk Public Utilities will give away dye tablets this week for citizens to help identify leaks. These free tablets will be available while they last at the following locations:

  • City Hall, 442 W. Washington St.
  • Morgan Memorial Library, 443 W. Washington St.
  • North Suffolk Library, 2000 Bennetts Creek Park Road