Brain-teasing treats for kids

Published 7:04 pm Saturday, March 25, 2017

Suffolk families will enjoy a brain-teasing mystery with tasty treats next weekend.

The East Suffolk Recreation Center is hosting “Mystery Menu” from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Friday. Staff will have games and a mysterious and kid-friendly meal for adults and children ages 5 and older.

A coded menu of food names like “farmer’s alarm” and “golden rods” will be served with equally mysterious “peat treat” or “Boston’s best” beverages. Children will decipher hints to figure out what’s on the menu.

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“Kids like to have something that make them think,” East Suffolk Recreation youth and teens specialist Nakiesha Bridgers said. “They’re competitive. They don’t just want to sit down and eat a meal. We want to make it interesting for them.”

Games with prizes will be played as staffers prepare the meals. The center will be decorated in a red-and-black theme as the staff act as waiters and waitresses.

Bridgers said the staff tries to build programs that provide community resources for recreation and self-improvement.

“It’s a place where the community can come together and do recreational activities, socialize or work on their health,” she said.

Supervisor Jason Jones said the staff is always trying new and different approaches to get people involved, and this dinner is a great bonding opportunity for parents and mentors at the center.

“It’s an opportunity to have family bonding time, or a mentor and mentee that want to come in to have a positive interaction and enjoy the activity, he said.

Registration is $5 per person. Call 514-4515 or email for more information.