Land transfers for March 24-31

Published 6:19 pm Saturday, April 1, 2017

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

March 24-31

Ronald L. Sandefur to Charles F. Callahan Jr.; 1066 Cypress Chapel Road; $220,000

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Richard B. Campbell to Mary M. Flowers; 511 North Broad Street; $252,000

Brice A. Leckrone to Travis W. Myles; 5009 Westfalen Court; $298,500

Secretary of Veteran Affairs to Leite Group LLC; 205 Justin Court; $216,900

Secretary of Veteran Affairs to Ashleigh Edward Development LLC;217 N. 6 Street; $18,000

Angel M. Mercado to Craig Coffman; 146 Stoney Ridge Avenue; $240,000

David L. Drames to Brenda Black; 1527 Glen Haven Drive; $289,900

Secretary of the US. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Anna Jean Franklin; 116 Saint James Avenue; $70,000

Clarence H. Brooks Special Commissioner to James E. Chamblee; 9237 Gates Road; $2,000

Alfredmy G. Chessor to Donald Brunnemer; 166 Graystone Trace; $210,000

Jose M. Lebron to Gregory Rosati; 1482 Elderberry Road; $327,000

Joanna M. Owens to 5 Pines Corporation; Roland Street; $750

PB Realty Solutions LLC to Robert W. McDonald; 931 Macarthur Drive; $290,500

Jackie P. Garland to Mary E. Wiggs; 939 Vineyard Place; $250,000

Joepaul M. Johnson to John Mclaughlin; 2615 Robinhood Trail; $111,700

Terry/Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Tigidankay A. Kamara; 1026 Boundary Drive; $298,640

David M. Butler to Richard D. Jones; 204 King of France Court; $325,000

HHHunt Homes Hampton Roads LLC to David L. Curtis; 331 Tindalls Court; $495,000

Jeffery A. Chamberlain to Glenn T. Mckinney; 2804 Lake Cohoon Point; $400,000

Parkside at Bennetts Creek LLC to Charles L. Roehler; 1917 Piedmont Road; $404,615

Dereck Baker to Patrick W. Cauger; 4604 Schooner Boulevard; $235,000

Edward Manley Jr. to Nicholas J. Smith; 3042 Kempton Park Road; $290,000

Timothy E. Sayles to Joseph B. Jackson; 8012 Quail Hollow; $690,000

James M. Walton Jr. to Matthew Alan Blackmon; 114 Pelican Reach; $510,900

Daniel Eckstrom to Timothy Michael Whitman; 3000 Beech Grove Lane; $300,000

Craig T. Bembry to Marcus D. Hester; 1003 Meadows Reach Circle; $235,000

Christopher M. Hallissy to Oskar Kizhner; 5153 North Harbor Road; $312,000

Ralph O. Babb to Ulric H. Armistead; 526 Babbtown Road; $55,000

William C. Arbuckle to American International Relocation Solutions LLC; 138 Graystone Trace; $235,500

American International Relocation Solutions LLC to John F. Ferguson; 138 Graystone Trace; $235,500

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Andrew Enger; 145 Kings Highway; $280,000

William Martel to Quy Nguyen; 2008 Barka Drive; $319,300

S and D Contractors LLC to Dwayne T. Threadgill; 1004 Blythewood Lane; $145,000


Aron Porter Sr. to Gayon Burford Williams; 133 Clay Street; $130,000

KJA Homes LLC to Jhatyne N. Walker; 125 Ashford Drive; $231,100

Prentis Place LLC to NVR Inc.; 315 West Constance Road; $185,000

Nansemond Investment Co. LLC to NVR Inc.; 134 Patriots Walke Drive; $88,500

Claudine Usonis to Jose A. Garcia Jr.; 4705 Camellia Drive; $192,000

Big Mix LLC to Megan Church Rainey; 103 Linden Avenue; $167,500


Robin H. Williams to Ute N. Worton; 1005 Nicklaus Drive; $206,000

Lillian W. Gaston to March Swamp Plantation LLC; 25 acres; $31,250

Richard A. Faulk to Carlos A. Ward Sr.; 304 Wellons Street; $40,000

Nicholas M. Rebmann to Ronald T. Herrick III; 1450 Shellito Lane; $207,500

Leroy Jones Sr. to Anthony Augustine; 221 River Inlet Road; $308,500

Charles F. Wainright to Federal National Mortgage Association; 3607 Preakness Circle; $281,346.55

Walker and Laberge Company Incorporated to Christopher A. Hase; 4401 Winona Trail; $665,000


Heather Robinson to Johnathan Luis Enciso; 2250 Humphreys Drive; $164,000

Tate D. Marcinkowski to Joseph M. Anderson; 2006 Barka Drive; $299,900

Hampton Roads Holding Company LLC to Brendan J. Wobbrock; 5628 Plummer Boulevard; $186,000

Ik Chan Im to John Hollingsworth; 105 Avery Court; $269,000