Alphin brings balance to the job

Published 9:59 pm Thursday, April 6, 2017

To the editor:

Although we moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania eight years ago, we still remember Rex Alphin with great respect for his balanced approach to family, church, business and community.

Rex always demonstrated the combination of vision with reality, courage with focus, the larger picture with the details and honesty with compassion.

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In addition, Rex knows how to express intelligence without arrogance, empathy without hypocrisy, experience without boastfulness, and risk without foolishness.

We remember his work experience as broad yet deep, his business dealings having integrity and fairness, his devotion to individuals in need as generous and sincere, and his understanding of the nature and purpose of government as down-to-earth and erudite.

If we still lived in his district, we would daily be out raising votes for Rex. A more balanced man would be hard to find.

Jim Arcieri

Zionsville, Pa.