‘Write as Rain’ campaign launches

Published 9:59 pm Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April showers bring May flowers — and, this year, a sprinkling of magically appearing outdoor messages, thanks to the region-wide “Write as Rain” sidewalk campaign from askHRgreen.org.

In partnership with Suffolk Public Works locally and launched this week on sidewalks, streetscapes and thoroughfares throughout Hampton Roads, the motivational campaign will reveal a bevy of good-to-know “green” messages that become visible when wet.

“We are taking our message to the streets. The actions each of us takes can have both good and bad implications on the environment,” said Katie Cullipher, askHRgreen.org team leader. “There are valid reasons why you should keep storm drains clear, keep wipes and other trash out of the toilet, choose tap over bottled water and keep litter off the streets. The goal of this campaign is to inspire people to think about our Hampton Roads environment in ways they haven’t before.”

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With the approval of local municipalities, askHRgreen.org committee members blanketed the region earlier this month, using custom-made stencils and an eco-friendly rain-resistant spray to adhere their missives to sidewalks in locations where residents gather. When it becomes wet, the surface around the messages darkens while the stenciled area stays dry and light.

The messages carry such sayings as: Only Rain Down the Storm Drain; Every Morning starts with Tap Water; and You Drop It I Drink It.

In Suffolk, the messages can be seen at some Suffolk Public Schools, the Morgan Memorial Library, North Suffolk Library and Public Utilities Operations Center. A map of participating locations is available at www.askhrgreen.org/rainyday.

The messages should appear on any rainy day for at least two or three months, according to Cullipher. That’s plenty of time, she says, for people to get out and enjoy a shower or two.

“Our team is really looking forward to a good downpour or two this spring, so that the artwork will shine.”