Millennials seek honesty in politics

Published 8:36 pm Saturday, April 29, 2017

To the editor:

As a Millennial, I find politics to be a huge subject that is constantly being addressed today in our country. Whenever we turn on the TV, surf the Internet, or swipe our electronic devices, we are bombarded by politics.

While politics can be annoying at times, it is one important part of how society is shaped.

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Many people think politics is for Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. As a result, many people believe that Millennials (or Gen Y) are not interested in participating in politics and government. However, according to an article posted on The Atlantic magazine’s website, Millennials are interested in politics, but in a different way.

Many polls were conducted, and it turns out that Millennials are interested in a “less-talk, more-action” approach to politics. The 2014 Allstate-National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll showed that 83 percent of Millennials believe America would be a better country if Americans participated in volunteering and donating to community charities and outreaches.

The values Millennials really cherish are honesty, authenticity and transparency, values that today’s politicians are constantly being questioned for thanks to the popularity of fact checking.

Millennials refuse to buy into the idea that if a statement by a politician is written in the newspaper or posted on Facebook, it’s factual or reliable.

I am glad to be included in the political process and will be volunteering for the Northam for Governor campaign, which is reaching out to Millennials for their ideas on how to make Virginia a better commonwealth and community for all people.

Kenya Smith