Meridian helps with pet adoptions

Published 8:37 pm Friday, May 5, 2017

By John Carr

At home, Trisha Cass has adopted two shelter dogs and a cat. One was adopted at a Suffolk Humane Society event.

At work, she is the community director of Suffolk’s new Meridian Obici apartments.

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Not satisfied with the pets she has already given a home, Trisha has found a way to find shelter dogs new homes through work, as well. Starting a few weeks ago, Trisha began fostering humane society dogs in the new Meridian offices on Thursdays.

As residents and other visitors come through the office, the hope is that a good home would be found for a visiting pup.

Trisha’s new program is starting out better than she or the humane society could have expected. So far, each dog she fostered has been adopted on the first day visiting the Meridian offices.

The first dog, Logan, was a terrier mix. The second, Pablo, was a lab and hound mix. The day we visited Trisha, a very shy and quiet, small dog named Nancy was in the office.

Nancy was just a few hours into her visit to the Meridian offices and stayed as close to Trisha as she could, settling in under her desk. There was plenty of attention, and the occasional treat, to be had from the other staff too, but Trisha clearly had favored status.

This is always the case, one staffer said with a big smile and treat in her hand. “They always like Trisha best.”

“I bond with all of them on the car ride to the office.” Trisha explained. “Some of them have been through a lot by the time they get to a shelter.”

To get her adoption program started, Trisha worked with the Suffolk Humane Society’s director of adoptions. “At first, this was just a program for April, because April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. But I can see we are going to have to continue,” she said.

“I post pictures of the dog we are hosting on our social media and include them in emails to people who have contacted us previously.”

The idea is to help the dog find a good home. Trisha indicated that people respond to it well, and it may even turn out to have some business benefit, too.

On Sunday, the Suffolk Humane Society will host its annual Mutt Strut dog walk event at Bennett’s Creek Park. The Meridian Obici Apartments will be one of many Suffolk businesses supporting the event with a booth.

Bring your pet for what is always a great day, and support the Suffolk Humane Society. If you get a chance, say hello to Trisha.

John Carr is the publisher of the Suffolk News-Herald. Email him at